GTA Online Guide: How to Get FREE THE CAR DEWBACHEE RAPID GT Classic

Any opportunity to get a free car in GTA Online is always well received, hence we cheer that RockStar leaves us one more week with a challenge to add a new one to the collection. This time the chosen is the dewbauchee rapid gt classic and in the following guide we will explain how to get it.

How to get free the car DewBauchee Rapid GT Classic

To obtain this new vehicle you must meet an indispensable requirement as it is to be members of the LS CAR Meet . Once you arrive at this place you will have to participate in the challenge that has been established this week.

Thus, your goal will be to point to a series of urban careers and stay among the first three posts a total of five times before before March 2. In the event that you leave your ability to be patent to the steering wheel, you will receive the keys of the Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic, which you can customize everything you want.

Taking advantage of the fact that you give you a return for this place you can pass by the test track and so give you a tour with the BF Weevil, the Grotti Vision and the Lampadati cinquemila to check what they are capable in races or in the mode Tumult.

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