The Last of Us 2 comes out in June at Ghost of Tsushima

A new release date for Naughty Dog very awaited The last of us, Part II was finally revealed on June 19, but it seems that it has been fixed at the expense of Sucker Punch Production. Wealth of Tsushima, because this game comes out now in July, according to the PlayStation blog manager.

The two games have been in production for some time, with the last of us, Part II_ the development of the company has been tainted with charges that Naughty Dog has engaged in intensive tightening sessions with its teams. The intrigue of the game was disclosed online today, revealing very early the fate of Joel and Ellie.

The Last of Us Part 2 & Ghost of Tsushima Get Summer Release Dates!

The game had previously no exit date due to production problems caused by the Pandemic of Covid-19, but Sony seems to have made the decision to set an exit date despite everything, only a few weeks after the postponement of the date previous output from May 29th. It is unclear to what extent the leak has influenced the announcement of an output date, but the reaction would imply that Sony and Naughty Dog want to avoid any leakage of potential information.

However, the new date of the game caused a domino effect on gantoma of Tsushima, which was initially scheduled for June 26th. This has now been pushed back to July 17th. Although it is possible that production requires extra time, it is much more likely that Sony wants to simply spread the versions to allow the sale of both games. to maximize.

The two games are likely to be pretenders at the Games of the Year, but the Sony’s reaction to leaks implies that they can have hit the panic button with the output dates of the two games.

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