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After Russia’s Ukrainian invasion, the movement is being shown to support Ukraine among the European community game companies. These game users were able to provide support for employees in Ukraine or to establish a donation event to establish funds for Ukrainian support, and added strength to Ukraine who suffered in the war.

Ubi Soft, one of the largest game companies in Europe, has begun to move to the Movement to help Ukrainian local employees. Ubi Soft has developed studios in Ukrainian capital Kyiv and Harbor city Odessa.

Ubi Soft has provided alternative houses and migration funds for local employees for local employees. In addition, early payroll was also done.

Ubi Soft said, “I have taken care of the situation for the past few months and took action to protect our employees. Last week we recommend evacuating to our employees, helping all team members in Ukraine to cover unexpected costs such as the cost related to migration We provided additional funds and paid benefits in advance. “

In addition, we plan to strengthen the support according to the future trends.

The game developer in the Poland Warsaw has also been supporting Ukrainian 11-bit studios. The 11-bit studio is a developer of the vaginal game dies of Mine, which is facing various situations to remain in the situation where several human beings stay in the situation in the event of war.

The first launched game in 2014 has a good response to express the loss of humanity due to war and a refrigerated choice, and a good response.

11-bit studio is a statement, “I oppose Russia’s Ukrainian invasion. If the meaningless behavior is not followed, it is just to the empty crate,” he explained the base background.

This donation sales will be held for a week from February 24th. The 11-bit studio donates all sales revenues related to the Drywawl Mine, which are sold in this period steam, Google Play Store, Apple App Store, etc., directly to Ukrainian Red Cross.

The user’s interest in this donation is also hot. According to the announcement of 11-bit studio, it was $ 160,000 (about 130 million won) in 24 hours after sales starting.

Poland Developer CD Project Red Island, which is famous for the leader series and Cyber ​​Punk 2077, donated 1 million polish utens (about 290 million won) for Ukrainian support.

CD Project Red said, “The incident that invaded our friends and neighbors in Ukraine and neighbors,” said CD, “We could not indiffere with these injustice. Everyone can participate and all possible ways We ask for help. We can achieve a big change together, “he said.

Czech State of Play Games, who developed a Puzzle Game Rumino City, who won a win-win puzzle game Lumino City, who won a win-win puzzle game Luminosity, a Bafta Game Television Arts Academy (BAFTA) Czech State of Play Games, who developed Rumino City, a State and Google Play Store, and Apple App Store to donate the full amount of Luminosity Profits to Ukrainian Red Cross Is expected.

In addition, the Amani Tai, a Czech Republic of the Horror Gaming Happy Games, announced the position to donate to help Ukraine’s most vulnerable to Ukraine, which is based on Russian invasions on the nonprofit organization based on Czech Prague.

World of football comes together to protest Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Also, I appreciate the 11-bit studios and state of play games to Ukrainian support, “We are a horrible Ukrainian invasion of Russia. This terrible invasion is absolute in the Democratic society,” he said..

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