Fractured Online -MMORPGs competitive multiplayer in a more detailed demonstration

GW2: Warrior is NOT ''Weak'' ( PvP Balance Discussion )
Fractured Online -MMORPG PVP was announced new information. A massive multi-player network game game fractured online is still in its beta. Developer Dynamight Studios again revealed new features that this time associated with the role of players in a competitive player against the player. Fractured OnLinen is told to be the first open-world sandbox-MMORPG that combines combat activities and interactive environments. Fractured Online The game character can choose to fight either in a good, neutral or evil. The choice is recorded in a so-called karma system, which takes into account the actors of the player, among other things, with regard to the environment, other players and worshiped gods. For more information about the PVP system, please contact here. Read the founder of the Dynamight Studios founder: **** Game Developer in an interview: Dynamight Studios Jacopo Gallelli tells about the new Ullaska MMO

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