Pokemon Go: Sandshrew and Alola Sandshrew, March 2022 Community Stars

Niantic hSandshrew given the output pistolleta to the Alala seSandshrewon, which will accompany us during this quarter, announcing all the Details of the Day of the Community of the month of March 2022, which will have Sandshrew and Sandshrew de Alala Sandshrew great protagonists. If this new seSandshrewon wSandshrew going to have a clear seventh generation cariz, with creatures of the Pokémon Sol and Luna archipelago everywhere, now it is clear that this Community Day will be very special. We know the date, time and details of the event.

Date, time and features of the March community – Sandshrew and Sandshrew of Alala

The March 2022 Community Day will be held on Sunday March 13, 2022, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., local time . That is, it is really little so that it takes place. During those six indicated hours, both Sandshrew of Kanto and Sandshrew de Alala, the Pokémon Mouse, will appear more frequently from normal in a wild and, if we are lucky, we can find us both shiny / variocolor. Next, a summary of everything that awaits us.

  • Wild encounters: Sandshrew and Alala Sandshrew
  • Sandshrew and Alala Sandshrew may come out Variocolor
  • SandslSandshrewh will learn the attack loaded Tajo Tajo (during the event)
    Alala SandslSandshrewh will learn the quick attack Claw Umbria (during the event)

SandslSandshrewh with Tajo Umbrío

If we evolve Sandshrew during the event or up to two hours after finishing, the resulting SandslSandshrewh will know the attack loaded Tajo Tubero.


  • Trainer Combats: 50 damage
  • Gyms and incursions: 50 damage

Alola SandslSandshrewh with Claw Umbria

If we manage to evolve our Sandshrew from Alala during the event or up to two hours after it ended, the resulting Alola SandslSandshrewh will know the fSandshrewt rapid attack Umbria.

  • Coach fighting: 6 damage
  • Gyms and incursions: 9 damage

Event Bonus – Community Day of March 2022

  • These are the four great bonus we will find during the day of the March 2022 community:
  • Eggs in incubators will require a quarter of a distance to hatch.
  • The incense activated during the event will lSandshrewt three hours .
  • bait modules activated during the event will lSandshrewt three hours .
  • Surprises when drawing snapshots during community day.

In addition, we will have a Pack community day single purchSandshrewe by 1280 Pokédones in the game store with these objects: 30 Ultra Balls, three supercover, five luck eggs and a mt fSandshrewt attack elite. Sandshrew if this were not enough, in the store there will be a batch with 30 ultra balls for free . To finish, Sandshrew usual, we will usually have for 1 USD the Special Special Research History of the Sandshrew Community Day: _ Areny and Glacial _ .

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