How to find a wolf in a foggy forest

After traveling to Massad in the eastern part of Limgray, you will hear howl in the forest. Hearing howl, go back to the Elleha church and talk to the first merchant. They will give you emotion to the finger call the wolf. This is the first step towards finding a wolf in a foggy forest.

Having emotion to click with finger, Traveling to the ruins of the foggy forest and use emotion. A large half-rand appears with which you can talk. Wolf turns out to be bladd, friendly NPC, which gives you a task to find and kill the knight of blood of Darryvil.

Where Find The Wolf Howl in The Mistwood In Elden Ring
Flight search in the ruins of a foggy forest can be confused a little, especially since the ruin bear sleeps in the midst of the ruins. When the bladd appears, it will leave a growling sound that will help you find it.

where to find a knight of blood darryvil

Knight of the blood of Darryvil can be found in Forronskaya Hound Evergall, located in the Southern Limgrave. . Blaidda can be encouraged to help in this battle, but you must exhaust its dialogue to activate his call sign in the everture of the Falone’s hound. After the entrance to Evergeal, its golden call signs should appear next to the portal. After the victory over Darryvil, return from Evergaol and talk to Blaidd, who stands nearby.

For the victory over Darryvil, you will get the 1900 Runes and the Big Sword-Fang Icon. Bladd will give you a gloomy blacksmith stone and access to a new blacksmith in Paradise Lukaria.

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