RF Online, Battle CO Server Season 2 Getting Started

CCR (Representative Yoon Seok-ho, CCR) announced that the PC Online MMORPG ‘RF Online Original (RF Online), which is a PC online MMORPG’ RF Online Original (RF Online), which is developed and served, has launched.

This ‘Battle CO server’ Season 2 is a popular content that makes the second prime period as the attention of many users. It was an appeal that the user could feel new fun through the various missions granted every four years, and the various missions granted every season.

In particular, in the ‘Fire Season’, which is in progress after the end of the season, the experience of experiencing is greatly increased, and it is also a motivation to new users, and it was motivated to new users.

RF Online 2: Release?
‘Battle co-server’ season 2, ‘RF online’ has been working on game optimization to provide a more smooth gameplay environment and extended the maximum level to 50. In addition, until March 10, the game provided with a 30% discount of cache items in the game.

“Thanks to many users, RF Online, which has been achieved by the second prime period,” Thanks to many users, “said Battle Corporation Server Season 2,” I asked for the interest and participation of it. “

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