RPG “Full-handed Flower Flower” for RPG “Filling Flower Flower” for PC / Switch-Trial Version Delivery & Real Yasu Presents Campaign is underway!

Publisher PLAYISM has announced that the 3D dungeon search RPG” Full-handed “to PC (STEAM) / Nintendose switch to deliver from March 10, 2022. Also, the trial version is delivered on both platforms today from March 3rd.

This work is the latest work of the developer PON PON GAMES that has received high evaluation with Strategy RPG “Healer”. The player organizes three teams from classes such as “night” or “Sherman” and explores the dungeon to get a treasure.

In commemoration of the delivery of this work, a present campaign is implemented. If you follow the official Twitter account of Playism by March 16 and RT campaign posting, the game title will be given to 5 kg of 5 kg potatoes.

“Both hands full of flowers” will be delivered to PC (STeam) / Nintendose switch on March 11, 2022. The price is 1,870 yen. You can also purchase 10% off 1,683 yen until March 17 of the Launch Sale period.

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