April 28 Release Switch Version TPS “Zombie Army 4: Dead War” Gyro Sensor and STEAM Save Data Correspondence Announcement

British Developer Rebellion is a Nintendose Switch Version “ Zombie Army 4: Dead War ” for Nintendose Switch Version Zombie Army 4: Dead War “, which is scheduled to be released on April 26, Overseas on April 26, Japan. We announced correspondence. Click here for the switch function trailer (English).

This game is the latest TPS series that allows you to communicate with zombies with the players with the players with the online cooperative play, given by the Sniper Elite series development source. The switch version can enjoy cooperative play with up to 4 people, not only online, but locally.

# Corresponds to the gyro sensor for inclination detection

This time, it has been revealed that the switch version that will be released in the future will correspond to the gyro sensor provided in the controller. In addition to normal aiming operation, it is possible to fine-tune with the tilt of the controller.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

# Can play from the way of STeam version

In addition, it supports save data of the STEAM version of the same work “Zombie ARMY 4”. You can transfer progress data from the Steam account to play from the middle. Save data transfer from the reverse switch to STeam is not possible.

In addition, as a specification of the switch version of the switch, it is drawn at a dynamic resolution in the TV mode, and it is drawn by 30 fps at a maximum of 720p in the mobile mode. “Season Pass 1” that is free of charge is recorded in the main story in advance. “Season Pass 2” and “3” are also scheduled to start sales at the same time as the main story.

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