GTA online guide: All bonuses and discounts until March 9, 2022

This week the thing is going to hit shots in the saints for the activities that will give more awards than normal, the discounts and everything you can take for free, so a lot of eye to everything you will wait for you in gta online during week from March 3 to 9 .

All bonus and discounts from March 3 to 9, 2022

Podium vehicle

Before standing up to the teeth it comes well to get a car to travel the streets of the city, so do not hesitate to pass through the casino The Diamond Casino & Resort to try your luck in the Roulette of La Fortuna. That will allow you to take different prizes, among which is the vehicle of the podium, which is not another that the vapid flash gt .

items to get free

If you are from those you prefer to go safely and not depend on the fact that fortune is on your side, then you just have to consult this pair of guides in which we detailed how you embolk them a huge amount of money and take you a cochazo totally free :

  • How to get free car Dinka Sugoi
  • How to get free $ 200,000 with assassinations on request

Rewards and additional bonuses

The reason for speaking of shootings previously because the murders on request will be one of the main activities of this week. When you are hurried resources, you do not hesitate to call Franklin to give you free of charge a stirring full of supplies of the most useful , in which there is a few explosives and objects for protecting from any attack.

Beyond all this, these will be the game modes that will deliver you more rewards of the normal :

  • Custom Murders : This week there will be a good amount of tasks to meet, so every time you call Franklin and fulfill what you entrust you, you will take 50% more dollars and reputation points.
  • Commercial Battles : No matter that they are murders, exports of vehicles, deliveries of materials or whatever, because those who compete in these battles of entrepreneurs will be the triple of dollars and points of reputation.
  • Criminal damage : One of the ideal modes for all who love chaos and destruction, especially because this week will give triple dollars and reputation points.
  • To the end (Remix) : In this mode a player will be put at the wheel of a panto while the others will lead a squadron of Tezeracts to prevent the first from entering the enemy team. Whatever happens, everyone will win twice the rewards.
  • Last advance from Gerald : During these days it is likely that Gerald will call you so that you will make a cable with some matter, which will serve so that in return you make twice a dollars and reputation points.


This time the price of any vehicle has not been reduced. Instead you can take advantage of to supply them with the rebates that have been made in numerous weapons so that this is how to prepare you to face any situation that is put in front of you.

  • The Contract Weapons Finishes – 30% discount
  • Heavy rifle – 30% discount
  • COIL compact PEM launcher – 25% discount
  • Ammunition and body shield – 30% discount
  • COIL electric gun – 25% discount

GTA Online Discounts, Bonuses & News (3rd March 2022)


To acquire weapons you will need to have enough money, but that will not be a problem if you are Subscribers of Prime Gaming , because those who link their account with the Social Club de Rockstar Games will receive $ 100,000 for playing at any time this week.

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