Two years Modern Warfare 2 sounds like my idea of hell

With reports suggesting that Activision skips its annual release of Call of Duty in 2023, many of us expect to play Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 for at least two years before Treyarch’s next cod game comes out the main series. I am not impressed at all from the thought. In fact, two years of an Infinity Ward Call of Duty Game, a continuation of modern warfare or something else, as hell.

Well, I do not hate the Call of Duty Games by Infinity Ward – In fact, Modern Warfare of 2019 was one of the better FPS games that I have played for some time when it was released. But if you compare them with the Titles of Treyarch, there is a clear difference – and Treyarch has in my opinion the nose.

After a lockdown worth Modern Warfare – and a decent Warzone – I was ready to throw the towel. Not only for Modern Warfare, but Call of Duty as a whole. Months with sluggish gameplay and monotonous graphic had me mad and destroyed my love for the series, and I could not find out why. Well, that was until I was playing Black Ops Cold.

Modern Warfare is based on the IW 8.0 engine of Infinity Ward, an updated version of the engine, which was used several years earlier for Sledgehammer Games WWII. When I enjoyed the return of the series in World War II, I had great hopes. What I met when playing modern warfare was the worst experience with Call of Duty since Advanced Warfare, and I do not say that lightly.

Modern Warfare was painfully slow for a call of duty game. After Black Ops 4, it would always feel like that when I played Black Ops Cold was clear, I realized how slowly modern warfare was. You do not need any exo suits and jetpacks to create a rapid call of duty experience, and black ops cold was showing that.

To make the matter worse, the new gameplay mechanics that were introduced by Infinity Ward – things like weapons assembly and these damned doors – pointed out that this slower pace was intended. It may have been marginal, but Call of Duty borrowed bonds in series such as Battlefield and Rainbow Six and began to lose.

Call-of-duty games are best if they are fast-lived, with incredibly a lot of running and shooting. Modern Warfare went to the other direction, and after a return to this disappointing experience with Vanguard of Sledgehammer Games – which runs on an updated version of the IW 8.0 engine that is used by Modern Warfare – it feels like this with two years A double the continuation of modern warfare could be a mistake for the series at a crucial time.

This potential miss follows on one that a continuation of Modern Warfare can hardly fix – the errors of Zombie mode from Vanguard.

The Call of Duty series has a varied history when it comes to offering a third kernel experience for the usual campaign and multiplayer mode. Sometimes these modes are worshiped and sometimes mocked. The universal truth that accepted all Call of Duty fans is that Treyarch’s Call of Duty Zombies modes are the best “third modes” of the group, even if you consider the more gloomy offer from Vanguard. Whenever a Call of Duty game decides to introduce a new mode that is not zombies (or make drastic changes to an existing one), it feels like a gambling. The game of Infinity Ward on Warzone has paid out admittedly, but over the years there were also a few flops. Yes, I’m talking about Ghost’s Extinction.

Modern Warfare games do not make zombies and we do not expect Infinity Ward will break this trend in his next release. There are rumors that one of Escape from Tarkov’s inspired mode comes into the continuation of Modern Warfare, but to Battlefield 2042s glossless Hazard Zone, should Infinity ward it at all? The introduction of a new mode based on a concept that is known to be flat when it was newly created, feels a unnecessary risk – a risk that could lead to the next Call of Duty game start barely more Offer than its multiplayer and its campaign, which is not the case would be ideal for a two-year activity.

Then you have the graphics of Modern Warfare – a stylistic choice that is most likely to be taken into the upcoming continuation of Infinity Ward.

Modern Warfare 2 Might Have A TWO YEAR LIFE CYCLE - No COD In 2023?
Modern Warfare is shit to look at – I said it. I do not speak of the UI design or the graphic accuracy of the operators, but from the color palette. It is boring, monotonous and extremely boring. This may match the grounded approach of the gameplay, but it does not make modern warfare to the most beautiful call of duty game that you can watch.

I know that this penetrates the area of ​​speculation to discuss the graphic of a game that has not even been given an official title, but a look at Vanguard is a clear sign of what will come. The team of Sledgehammer Games has made excellent work with the appearance of Vanguard, but it is still a boring representation compared to Treyarch’s Black Ops Cold.

Two years slow, Tristes Call of Duty game with a potentially lackluster third mode sounds to hell – it does not matter if I prefer Captain Price Frank Woods.

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