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Choosing A Class in World Of Warcraft (2020)
Rumors to WOW 10.0 make the round. You can also bring new classes into play. The Tinker about . Or a dragon born . But that’s all unknown future music, because so far is unknown, which Blizzard plans with Wow after the shadowlands. The question of a new class is always up for speculation on extensions such as Awakenings and Ashes of Galakaros . In our special to wow we highlight the question: “Does it need a new class in Wow?” – And we tell you why the answer is not that easy.

“I am an engineer and nobody can stop me!” The ORC waves wildly wildly with his wrench that he only knows his group camerades. On a wave of outstretched murmur, a goblin pushes through the surrounding and builds up in front of the two hundred kilos of heavy mains. “Gork, you’re fearing the elves, put the wrench away.” With a ham-sized hand, the ORC moves a tin bucket decorated with cardboard gears on his head. “No,” his voice rumors back and forth in a barrel sized chest, “I do not feel like warriors! I’m smart.

Can not make fireballs, but I get ranging. Look! “The arm of the warrior moves so fast that he is only schematically recognizable and two rows further collapses a blood solving paladin with a penetrating * Klong * as the wrench bounces off his helmet.” Engineers are smart and solve such problems. “The ORC types way to his head bucket, which accompanies the whole thing by a quiet boaper.

A hand squeezed about both eyes, the goblin speaks very, very slow. “You’re. N1. Engineer. Do you ever know what engineers do? They build bridges and optimize processes. Going out things and beating with wrenches clearly does not fall into this occupation.” Silently cribging interrupts the goblin. “Well. Except they work in mechanical engineering.

The types are unpredictable. “The ORC sets up a facial expression that is not dissimilar to a defiant puppy.” But I want to be smart. There have been no new class for six years. I am now a ranged tank! “In the background, the blood eleven moaning when he comes slowly again to consciousness.

Characters with class

In the meantime, we all made it comfortable in 2022 and expect tension the announcement of the next WOW extension. However, let’s take a look at the WOW timed jet along, we fall on a boiling hot: The last character class we received with the Demon Hunter – in 2016! Six years! If we take into account the death knight, the monk and the demon hunter, WoW received a new class all four years until this time.
At the beginning criticized, now a crowd pleaser: without the new class “Demon Hunter” Legion only half so memorable from Source: class Page
So why does it currently take so long until we find ourselves in the frack of a new hero? This has several very comprehensible reasons, of which we call you the most important in this article, as well as the largest fan wishes for new classes. Think about it: What do “dark ranger” or “necromancers” if you enter the Legion area? Are you plugged into other class halls? Do you receive your own? How do the artifact questlines work? Accompanies us on an exploration of the old class concept and the consideration of how WOW could achieve 20 years of age even without “new classes”.

Why is a new class important at all?

The survivor
In the files of Shadowlands, references to the new “survivor class” were found. In all probability, however, it is only a discarded intro concept, in which player first voted their final class in exile, we first clarify an important question: why is it important that WoW regularly New classes get? World of Warcraft (Buy Now) now has twelve classes – is not that enough? Well… yes and no. Basically, the expansion scheme for online rolling games is as old as the genre itself. Ultima online began in 1998 with “The Second Age” the up to date in strategy games enabled enlargement model both on role-playing and the online world.

Even though The Second Age’s main features were more likely to be an extension of the world and new social features, the idea for a furore caused. In 2000, EverQuest moved as to publish the enlargement “The Ruins of Kunark”, which added a new people as a feature for the first time with the lizard “Iksar”. With the third extension “The Shadows of Luclin” finally, a new class was presented for the first time a new class during an ongoing online rolling game: the Beastlord held withdrawal on the servers. What made these milestones so extraordinary? Very easily:
The guardian is one of the most common class wishes. The plate carriers are fighting a medium distance with a throw chakram. Source: class Page
EverQuest’s peoples and class system was still much more based on the great model of Pen & Paper Roleplaying. The Iksar were simply better than other peoples! They could stay under water longer, had a natural armor and regenerated their lifestyles alone.

The disadvantage: They were hated on the entire rest of the world and could not enter any normal capitals. Uff! Thus, the Iksar, measured today’s standards, a wild mix of hero class and people. Of course, new classes were also a reason for excitement, because at that time some classes had tremendous benefits, which in turn were balanced by the advantages of other classes – only with foreign aid took more than 40 percent of the game to face. If you do not believe us, an EverQuest veterans once asks if he can look for “Spirit of the Wolf” on you and then jump behind the next table.

The open world
What will work without problems even when introducing a new class, the interaction with quests in the open world would be. As soon as the story and feature problem is solved, nothing stands in the way of a new class.
This shows us in relation to the importance of character classes, especially one: nothing waves a dusty meta as strong as the integration of a new class. There are new compositions in the PVE, new strategies in the PVP and even solo players are pleased to look forward to the world for a few months with the coveted “beginner’s eyes”. This is also strong at most cosmetic function of different WoW peoples. Sure, the horde people’s capabilities are better in the PVE.

However, this circumstance has no similarity with the absolutely enormous differences of ancient MMORPG peoples. New areas? Cool, but nothing special, is there with every extension. Higher object levels? Are only numbers. New equipment systems?

Please not even more. On the other hand, a new class is and remains one of the attraction characteristics for an interesting extension, because it is one of the few levers that blizzard remain in the modern MMORPG landscape to bring our online everyday life a little out of the trot – and without The beloved basic structure of WOW in danger.

The class problem

All right, new classes are great. Why do not we get one with every extension? At least in part, the answer is so obvious that we hardly have to swing the spring: it would be too complicated. A single class not only brings monthly fun and whirls the meta confused – it threatens to beat the already notoriously sensitive balancing from WOW with every release. Currently we own twelve classes. If you ask mythical Raider, how many of them are balanced, you will receive thirteen answers. Of course, this is in the nature of a million-strong community, with every new class, however, the problem increases dramatically.

However, much more interesting is the second reason: The extension policy Blizzards makes the integration of a new class difficult to impossible, except it is foundarounds. Imagine that you have created your sparkle new class and want to start the Legion campaign. As already indicated in the intro, there are some problems here, because the new class has neither a kind fact, nor a classroom, nor a connected story.

One way would be to create the required assets and integrate the class fully integrated into Azeroth. This is of course our absolute dream solution, which would be much too resource intensive. In reality, new extension contents are always prioritized before integrating old content in current gameplay. Let’s continue spinning:

The alternative, in the case functioning workarounds that would however skip a lot of content. We need a missing class hall, unlock new areas in Legion fall are members of our non-existent Order and many scenes are about the artifact that we do not possess. The budget solution for this situation involves an uncomfortable amount of compromises that all extensions from Legion overlooking the story would degrade to minced cargo. Because there are of course other problems.

Even if all these story and gameplay elements would be cut, we end legion and are in Battle for Azeroth, and his Azerit system directly again face the same problems. these have been mastered, it’s off into the Shadowlands where we AGAIN operate a massive effort or would cut half the extension because the entire pact system, the associated skills and the soul ties and their media do not exist for your class. The entire modern building WoW makes the integration of a new class difficult to impossible.

Really bitter is the whole thing because it was triggered by something that is the players still at heart – the creation of a decent class identity. The more an extension is received on the more difficult it is to create a new class in the future, to increase exponentially without the necessary effort. It is clear that a WoW, never a new class appears in the back, despite all the balancing problems is difficult to imagine. So how do you solve these problems without turning the entire game on the left? The answer is relatively simple, but the lovers new class mechanics will not enjoy.

anniversary Class: Patch 10.0

In the minds of the players is 10.0 Patch already something of a second start after Shadowlands is and that is sorely needed after the past few years. As we mentioned, the transition to double-digit figures patch means a huge anniversary for World of Warcraft. And hey, with Microsoft in the back perhaps has Blizzard now have the ability to secure such a large financing that Gallywix would turn blue at the thought. Clever would it be to to use this time of upheaval in order to celebrate WoW again properly.
How often does the Tinker as a new class was already “leaked”? We can already do not count more… Source: Blizzard
And now we think about… what would be lured back both players en masse, provide a good figurehead for the important patch 10.0 and usher in the bargain the transition to a new WoW era? Right, a new character class. Despite all the difficulties and possible compromise would be the “13th grade” an absolute expansion hammer that would drive sales with near certainty through the roof. Because even if we should be now smarter, connected mainly WoW veterans still veteran instinctively the “new character class” point to point “Excellent extension”. Let us surprise.

A-class society

Imagine that you have to create you your new and waxed to a shine Erten Warlock. The gameplay like it, the animations are great and bring the idea with various free beschwörbaren companions through the world, wanting more. The only thing you do not like, is the theme: fire and demons are you simply too boring. Good that you desire within your class several “template” and you can adjust your look as unique!

In this way, from a wizard in the blink of an “Necromancer,” the undead instead of demons summons and ice instead of fire use. Functional changes nothing – but the overall look and feel of your class change in full. Do not feel like a Necromancer? Then plays the “Nether binder” which enters into a pact with the mummy-like astral and arcane missiles and instead of curses with “Nether-gas” throwing around. It sounds to you for very much like a Arcane mage? Do not worry, because the magician can, while maintaining the same gameplay, to impose a Sin’dorei Blood Mage Template or try a dwarven Geomant. On the next page: the Dream classes of the community and more specializations .

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