A game equivalent to 156 yen is sold at “10,5719 yen”. Developers show a lot of natural

At Steam, there seems to be a game that is sold at “10,5719 yen”. The number of users in the target country including Japan is puzzled. It is discovered by the indie game release, etc.

The clicker game “Dead Profit” is sold for 10,5719 yen. The other day STEAM has just been delivered early access. War is held in the world of hell and heaven. The player will work for a so-called weapon merchant who manufactures magic items as weapons of the war. The manufacture of resources and items is basically left to arrive, while orders will be delivered. Optimize the manufacturing well and produce the required resources. It meets the needs of the client by creating an item that matches the order.

“Dead Profit” has started early access delivery from STeam in March. Aiming for a formal release of January 2023. The first day of delivery is the “wonderful response” and the developer’s Lamb says. On the other hand, users who are puzzled by the distribution of the same work are also present. As mentioned at the beginning, it is because it is sold for 10,5719 yen in Japan.

The same work is sold at 1.36 dollars in the US Dollar. It is about 156 yen for Japanese yen. However, some countries are already sold highly high. STEAM users posted Korea and Japanese yen and posted to the STEAM community. Developer Lamb responds, “Review at the time of formal release. I’m going to set a pound exchange rate.”

According to STeamDB, except for Japanese yen, in Korea, 58557 won (approximately 10,6720 yen), Colombia Uruguay Peso, or more in Japanese yen conversion. High price for Kazakhstan, Costa Rica, Vietnam, etc. Some of Asia and Latin America appears to be extremely proud. Lamb is living in England and the price of this work is just one pound. He was considered to be a digit incorrect when converting 1UK pound to other exchange rates, and the exchange price is reflected in Steam as it is. But that’s strange.

SPX, Oil, Yen Price Action Setups (10.13.2016)
For example, when setting a price in Steam, there is a function that automatically converts other money if you set a US dollar or the like. Simply set it to 1 UK pounds and it would have been sold at a price of about 150 yen without touching anything. However, it seems that the chaos price is set by the developer set the price manually. It is quite natural. Formal release is about one year later. If the price is revised at that timing, it would be nice to be able to put in the wish list if you are a longer ahead.

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