Elden Ring: 10 runes to Thops donate or not?

It is quite rare to push on an NPC that will not kill you ELDENRING . While you may have all your friends in the Roundtable Hold, only a few NPCs you encounter in the world of Elden Ring will not try to steal your runes by killing you. Thops, however, will not try to kill you for your runes, but just ask you to spare it 10. Maybe you’re careful when you continue your hard-earned runes to a stranger you have just met, and even more cautious what he will do as soon as he gets. Let’s think about whether they should pass these 10 runes to Thops and what happens when they do so.

Due to give thops 10 runes

After they finally managed to kill Godrick, they will encounter Thops who sits in the destroyed church northwest of catacombs through which they will go. At first glance, he will remind them of verra and the various dealers who have seen them so far. He just sits when you approach, and greetes you at eye level. After giving a few information about the Academy of Raya Lucaria, he will ask you to save him only 10 runes.

This is not a large amount of runes, even the simplest golden Rune will be more than 10 course. If you give Thops your runes, he will sell them some spells. These spells are nothing special if they started as an astrologer, they have two of the three spells he sells. The third spell is just a simple light magic that can be worked for pretty low FP costs. This can be useful for some until they encounter a lantern, which works in a similar way, only without FP costs.

The biggest advantage of the donation of the runes to Thops is what happens after giving him the key to the Academy of Raya Lucaria. You must first use the key for yourself, and Thorps ask you to bring it to him if you’re done with it. Once you’ve been in the Academy of Raya Lucaria and have received the place of grace, you can give Thorps the key. It was Thorps’s goal to come to the academy, and he will thank you if you give him the key.

They will find Thorps in the Academy after they have given him the key, but he will be dead when they meet him. You will find his body in the Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace. His body is proven with a special spell that you can take. It is a magic that Thorps did, called Thorps barrier. The spell is used to reflect magical attacks, and can be very useful because he is one of the few spells that can do this. If you need more help to Elden Ring, please read our other instructions.

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