Everything you need to know about the Modern Warfare tournament 3 organized by ilojuan

ilojuan has announced through a direct the arrival of a tournament that will will teleport directly to 2011 , a time when we had the only concern we had to approve the exams of the Institute. Indeed, we talk about a Call of Duty competition: Modern Warfare 3 in which the creators of content that came to YouTube will participate at that time with this game as they can be staxx (which came to Play competitively at Pain Gaming), Thegrefg, Rubius or Willyrex.

But very mythical players will also be added that although they are not extremely known today, they were from the most seen at their time thanks to this type of game as the case of synapse, angelysaras with their screams or elyas360 And its _troleos, together with Josemicod, who has not been able to attend personal problems.

All participants from the Modern Warfare tournament 3

How To Play In Modern Warfare Tournaments! (WIN MONEY)

Operation is not yet complete confirmed, but it is expected to be as follows as John himself has commented throughout the direct he has done about it:

  • Will be made Two games of all against all of 10 people each (no rachas) to see those who will be the captains
  • first and second of each game will be chosen as captain
  • 4 captains will choose one by one players who are going to participate in their team
  • From there, everything will work as a tournament
  • Yes, there will be a prizes in cash although we still do not know anything about the amount and how it will be destined

Will be next Sunday March 13 In the afternoon when we can see the best players of the Golden Youtube era in a tournament that seems to have a very dynamic performance through a specific program that functions as a competitive version and Balanced for these games: Plutonium. If there is something that is surprising is the return of Willyrex, which with the controversy of the NFT was lost enough of the world of content creation.

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