Rose out? BVB boss Watzke with clear statement

Twelve defeats in the ongoing mandatory game season, for the early out of the DFB Cup and European Cup: No wonder that BVB head coach Marco Rose had to listen to loud criticism in the last few weeks. His release has also been demanded several times. Now the CEO of Borussia Dortmund, Hans-Joachim Watzke, has clearly commented on the BVB exercise leader.

The club boss of black and yellow were talked to the “loud criticism Image” demonstratively behind the head coach, who had taken the office in Dortmund last summer. “Marco Rose is in no way to disposition at Borussia Dortmund!”, Says Watzke opposite the magazine.

Unique, a head coach can not take virtually out of the weft line. The votes against Marco Rose were always louder, especially in the days after leaving the Europa League against the Rangers. Also in the Bundesliga, it lasted with the 1: 1 draw in the relegation candidate FC Augsburg another damper.

The crucial pro argument for further confidence in Rose should be above all that Borussia Dortmund is at least in the Bundesliga fully in theory. Although the residue on leaders FC Bayern is already whopping nine points (with a game less).

CL qualification as a minimum goal at BVB

For the athletic evaluation of the championship is used in Dortmund but above all the Champions League qualification as a grated knife. And at current nine counters lead in place five in a game in the hindquarters is not at risk at all.

Highlights of first press conference with Rose, Watzke & Zorc

The fact that the BVB regularly matched the services in the last few weeks and months and the Westphalia, inter alia against Hertha BSC, Bayer Leverkusen, or most recently the Rangers of the setbacks learned, the weaknesses in the squad is also explained in the village, which is not last had arisen after large injury worship.

In addition, according to “loud criticism Image” clearly speaks for the 45-year-old that he should continue to have great and above all decisive parts in the team behind. Rose is mostly right with his speeches, learns the support of the largest stars in the team.

If the minimum target Champions League qualifier is achieved so sovereign, as it looks, Marco Rose may well prepare its second BVB year with a full ELAN.

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