The price of GTA 5 PS5 is only $ 10 until June 14

Updated: # 2 : Now, the pre-orders are online in the United States too, we have the full range of GTA 5 prices for PS5, and it’s really extremely generous. While a free upgrade PS4 to PS5 ** would have been preferred, we do not think that many will complain about what Rockstar offers here. Here is the full range of prices:

until June 14th:

GTA V on PS5 will cost just $10, but only until June - The Verge
* GTA 5 (Solo): $ 9.99 / £ 8.75
GTA Online: ** FREE

after June 14th:

  • GTA 5 (Solo and Online Mode): $ 39.99 / 34,99 £
  • ** GTA Online: $ 19.99 / £ 17.99

Update # 1 : Prices are live in the UK PS shop and it is even less than expected. The Solo Campaign of GTA 5 will cost you only 8,75 £ on PS5 until June 14, while GTA online will be free until the above-mentioned date. The combined price of both will increase to 34.99 £ after June 14, while GTA Online will only cost C $ 17.99 after June 14th. It is a sacred launch offer, and much more generous than any of us could have predicted.

ORIGINAL HISTORY: Pre-orders for the reissue of GTA 5, coming on PlayStation 5 from March 14, are starting to live in some parts of the world. And there is a huge surprise: it’s cheap – remarkably. While many may think that Rockstar owes them to * free upgrade PS4 to PS5 **, the price of the solo campaign will only be 14,99 AUD at launch, as part of a launch offer. These are Australian dollars, which are converted to approximately $ 9.99 in the United States.

Now, there are a few things to keep in mind here: GTA online , which also costs 14,99 AUD on the Xbox Series X | S, will be free for three months on the PS5, you do not will not have to pay for this if you claim it before June 14th. The price for combined solo and multiplayer mode will increase to 59,95 AUD $ from June 14th.

Interestingly, the Australian Boutique PS The page mentions that the price of GTA 5, including GTA Online, will be $ 34.99 from June 14, although it is the only British price currently available. We are waiting 9,99 £ for the solo launch offer mentioned above and check with Rockstar, although this should be confirmed later tonight when the pre-orders will be posted.

It’s a complicated, but wholesale situation you get GTA Online for free until June 14 on PS5, and Solo mode will not cost you either for the first three months. The price will increase beyond the launch period, but honestly, it sounds like a better offer than expected so far. We will update concrete information on prices once we have them.

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