Yin Degree, 7 minutes and composition,

Yoon Suk-yeol’s Privacy The Arguments Committee is expected to be embodied from next week. It is expected that it will be composed of seven minutes to finish the chairperson of the acquisition chairperson and the site source officer in the weekend,

Seven quarters of the acquisition of Yun Du Price ▲ Adjustment of the agency ▲ Progressive Adjustment ▲ Diplomacy ▲ Governor Administrative Administration ▲ Economic 1 (Economic Policy Macro Economic Finance) ▲ Economic 2 (Industrial Jobs) ▲ Science and Technology Education ▲ Science and Technology Education ▲ Science and Technology Education ▲ Social Welfare Culture and the like.

In addition to seven minutes of the number of characters, the National Integrated Special Committee and the Coronavi are also expected to be in TF, TF, and Reform TF, etc.

Kim Eun Hye, a spokesman, a spokesperson, through the Briefing of the National People ‘s on the 11th, “(Conquisite and Instruments Office Review),” (Conquislanes and Instruments Office Review) are folded in the congregation stage. When I meet and meet, it is likely to be here. “

She, she said, “The number of the memberships work in the Tongdong, and the Samcheong-dong Financial Training Institute will function”, “he said,” This is because the Training Institute is a little narrow, because the Training Center,

The Secretary, president of the Department of Justice, said, “The Ministry of Public Administration and Administration Security, and the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, said,” he said, “he said.”

The Ministry of Justice, regard on the number of people, “the officials of the Arguments and the district will be ahead of the” acquisition chairperson and the site of the site “.” The people are so curious, I will discuss it next week, “he said.

For the organization’s organization, the Ministry of Business Administration, said, “I received a draft,” I was achieved by planning, Adjustment, Executive Administration, Economic Executive, Economic 1, Economic Security, Science and Technology Education, and Social Welfare Culture. “

“The national integration,” said, “” Coronavi, “Coronavi, TF, in the TF,” Industry, Education, and Health “. Then he said, “It will be pronounced to have a provisional thing about how to organize the Cheong Wa Dae Reform TF,”

About the Ahn, Chul-soo, who is devoted to the chairperson of the acquisition,

What is Economics?

The representative of the KIM is a lunch, and after about 2 hours of lunch for about 2 hours, he met with reporters.

In particular, in relation to the discussion of government organizational reorganization, “I was in fact a wide range of full directions,” he said, “It was a very broad direction,” and “I am now a part of such democracy, which is a part of such democracy, including the economic issue, data industry, I had an exchange of opinions about all areas and I saw a lot of parties. “

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