Lost Ark: How to find your Magmadon and all other area bosses

In Lost Ark there are a variety of different endgame activities that reward you with different objects. For example, you will receive coveted materials by visiting the ghost ship for the upheaving of your items. Many of these content can be completed daily and should therefore be made every day for maximum efficiency. Which contents it goes exactly, we have summarized for you in a separate item.

Where is Magmadon?

Find all area bosses in Lost Ark

Magmadon is of course not the only area boss in Lost Ark (Buy now 19.99 €), and with the help of Procyon’s compass you can easily find out where they are and at what time they appear exactly. For this you only have to open the menu of the compass under your minimap, and select the desired area boss. Here you will find a list of the prey, which you can get for defeating the boss, and pressing the small compass needle also opens directly the map on which the boss is located.

Did you find the right place, tell you the coop sign on the map when the boss will appear exactly. In Procyon’s compass stated that the bosses appear at every full hour, the actual spawn usually takes place a few minutes later. In addition, the area bosses are invulnerable for the first few seconds after appearing, so that you have enough time to find the right place.

Magmadon Lost Ark Boss Location

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