Star Trek 4: Kirk actor is already excited

With Star Trek Beyond, the last film from the Sci-Fi Universe around Captain Kirk and the Enterprise appeared in 2016. Since then, only series such as Star Trek: Discovery or Star Trek: Picard appeared. The latter has recently received a second season. But now with Star Trek 4 was finally announced a new film of the franchise.

Not even Captain Kirk has seen the script

Admiral Kirk Becomes Captain Kirk
In an interview with Variety, Chris Pine has spoken about Star Trek 4. Pine will again take over the role of Captain Kirk and is already very excited, although he has not even seen the script: _ “I think it was the same, ‘Did you hear about it?’ [Laughs]. We [the] [actors] are usually the last ones who find out, but we are guaranteed all excited “_, tells Pine and assumes that the actors learn about the media from the announcement to have. In the course of the interview, Pine is asked if he knows something about the story: _ “We have not seen the script yet. I know nothing about it”.__

Lots of familiar faces

Of course, Chris Pine will not be the only known face as Captain Kirk. His old crew will of course be put to the side: Zachary Quinto (Spock), Simon Pegg (Scotty), Karl Urban (McCoy), Zoe Saldaña (Uhura), and John Cho (Sulu), who are already in * Star Trek (2009), Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) and Star Trek Beyond (2016) embodied the Enterprise Crew, will also hatch again in Star Trek 4 in their old roles. Star Trek 4 is produced by Paramount Pictures and should be on * 22. December 2023 appear.

More news about Star Trek

Recently, the second season has appeared by Star Trek Picard . Suitable for this we have summarized for you the events of the first season and given you a view, where you can look forward to seeing you. But already it is clear that especially the third and last season of the series, Star Trek should change forever. In addition, ships were taken from the Star Trek MMO for the first time, making them the official canon.

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