Grand Theft Auto 5: Prices of the Next Gen

On March 15, 2022, GTA 5 will be officially published for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S in the respective digital stores. After we have already reported on the details of the graphics modes and the data transfer this week, the prices of the two Next-Gen versions are now. Almost three months, Rockstar Games game will be available to a cheaper launch price.

GTA V Online Next Gen Price and Download Size Information!
In the PlayStation Store The PS5 you can order Grand Theft Auto 5 (from 13,99 € at Buy) Currently for 9.99 Euro. This package contains the story mode as well as the Multiplayer component GTA Online, which gives all subscribers from PlayStation Plus in the first three months as a bonus. From the 14th of June GTA 5 will be available (together with Grand Theft Auto Online) at the standard price of 39.99 euros available.
And even in the Microsoft Store, the game is currently cheaper. The version for Xbox Series X | S is available here for 19.99 euros and includes both classic story mode as well as GTA online. If you only want to rush into the online world, you can buy the multiplayer part individually for 9.99 euros. There is no free upgrade for previous owners of GTA 5. In the case of April, however, physical versions of the Open World Title will also appear in the trade.

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