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Filming of the third season of The Brujo has not started yet, but things seem to be moving very well for the Netflix series. According to Redaniana Actor Safiyya Ingar will join for season 3, and are the first newcomers confirmed for The Brujo. The medium mentions that it is likely that several other important roles have been chosen, particularly because the filming will begin in the near future. The role of Ingar in the new season has not been confirmed, but REDIAN INTELLIGENCE speculates that the actor could assume the role of Milva, an archer who met Geralt in Fire_Baptism.

Milva had a convincing narrative in her appearances in the books of Andrzej Sapkowski. The character supports a lot of tragedy throughout the story of her, and it would be interesting to see how the Netflix series could take it to the screen. Unfortunately, readers must take any of these speculation with a large grain of salt until Igan or Netflix confirm something officially.

There is enough expectation ahead The Brujo Season 3, but very little concrete information has been revealed, at this time. Season 2 was launched at the end of 2021, after a long and incredibly difficult production. The first season of The Brujo turned out to be a great success for Netflix when it premiered in the winter of 2019, and a second season was announced even before the program was issued. However, season 2 faced a series of important difficulties. The Coronavirus pandemic caused multiple delays in the filming, and the actor of Geralt, Henry Cavill, suffered a tear “very, very bad” in the Handle of La Corva. Hopefully, this season will be much calmer!

REDANIAN INTELLIGENCE previously reported that the filming of the new season of The Brujo will begin this month and will take place in three European countries: Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. Currently there is no launch window known for the new season, but the filming in The witcher: origin of blood ended last year, so fanatics should have the series of precurs to help fill the void while they wait!

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