Gran Turismo Test 7

Modernity for the benefit of history

As we will see a little later in this test, Gran Turismo 7 assumes a “museum” side of the automobile, interested in the history of the bolids as well as the circuits that are traversed During the progression. But above all, the game is a modernity that does a fool in its approach to the car race. This modernity is found in its sensations, moving away from the sense of flying soap crates that slide on the track, an element that could be blamed at the previous episodes of the license. Games that have had a crazy trouble overrides the limitations of the Playstation 2 era, including the newest GT Sport on PlayStation 4, with a model of driving that had taken a holy opposite blow at FORZA MOTORSPORT OR PROJECT CARS. The piloting sensations thus earn in intensity, with cars that have from Grip, where one feels the road and each of the reliefs of the circuits. Like the circuit of Brands Hatch, Technique, or Laguna Seca, on which we take a clever pleasure to strike some of their most mythical turns, really feeling the weight of the car and the force exerted by the wheels To pass the most complicated areas. The same for the Nordschleife with its imperfect and carved bitumen, which one feels thanks to the management of the suspensions of cars, suffering on the plot, showing how much GT7 made a good forward compared at GT Sport. The sensations, especially, vary from one vehicle to another with well-identifiable behaviors. Driving a small Japanese sportsman does not have much to do with the touring in the European, no more than one could compare the WGs to the monoplaces. Beyond the fineness of the sensations in hand, it is a wonderful sound design who is the cherry on the cake of a successful immersion.

It is also for its contenting content that GT7 manages to captivate the duration, for a game that tries to satisfy the fiber of the collector in the form of a kind of car pokedex, where the goal is to own everything and able to access explanatory sheets of each of the games of the game. And it is done with a certain love of the history of the automobile, illustrated from the beginning of the game with a superb introduction video, then with many dialogues Who tells us the history of the different models, as well as written content and videos accessible here and there on the different brands and circuits. This also materializes through the progression of the main mode, indispensable to the unlocking of the secondary modes (local multiplayer, online, permit, various challenges…), in which we meet the boss of a coffee that we gives “menus” to complete by performing certain objectives. The goal: to unlock series of cars combined around the same theme in order to give a good opportunity to the game to tell us a little bit of history. The strength of the game is to be able to never be helling on this point, by remaining most often didactic and aware that he does not speak to enthusiasts. Whether celebrating the automobile with amateurs or clamoring his love of the race to people who do not know much outside video games, Polyphony Digital finds good balance and The museum aspect of GT7 is particularly rewarding. So much for the knowledge mine as the game represents that for a progression that constantly rewards the player, without ever letting the impression of stagnating.

hard battles

The artificial intelligence has long been a tare for Gran Turismo, with a phenomenon of the “small train” ultra present: the competitors tended to follow each other without being battled. If it is far from being an exclusive phenomenon at GT, and we often talk about it in our race play tests, some titles are trying to make the competitors more aggressive. And Polyphony Digital has made true efforts in this direction with an IA certainly imperfect, but who is finally fighting to win places. She seeks the opening and sometimes commits errors, sometimes excavating with the safety rails of Tokyo Expressway or slowing up emergency in the spa-Francorchamps raid to not take the wall after a missed trajectory. This undoubtedly pees the races, even if the solo mode is calibrated so that I.a. Do not really look for competition. In fact, more than pilots seeking victory, I.A. in missions used to unlock content are only there to constitute obstacles to our progression. Obstacles looking to prevent us from accessing the first place, while one goes up one by one, rather than saving places for themselves.

The fault of a system that always consists of started departures, of which one goes systematically last and where one must reach the first place before finishing the 4 or 5 turns which separate us from the arrival. Thus, we are closer to the chrono test of the race, but it is also a way, in these goal races (which allow to unlock cars and circuits), to make us try a multitude of cars until To what we can, on the ndgame, set itself on more precise categories. Next door, there is the opportunity to create our own races, and it is where the game reveals all its potential: in the highest levels of difficulty, I.A. dry battle, she seeks overruns and does not let himself be d1. If it’s imperfect, it’s damn good for a license that is next to the plate on the subject forever. Be careful, however, we stay in a game where to play door strokes remains effective because if it is possible to activate mechanical damage (in the absence of the slightest visual damage), we have never felt the impact on the conduct of these famous “damage”. And it may not be worse for the neophytes, because GT7 takes up all the current production game production by not offering a button to “rewind” action and return to an error. You have to assume his road outings when you’re a little too aggressive.

It is in our own races, and started, that the game shines. Because it offers sufficient depth and subtlety in the adjustment of cars, with the ability to improve them to the workshop (both visually and side parts), to allow very varied battles. We see, especially with the most powerful vehicles, that I.a. made a real good qualitative in the battle of the first turns following the departure, where each tries to take a more or less effective trajectory to escape the fray. It can be regretted, however, that these races do not exist almost in the solo progression mode, in which we spend the clearest of our time, and is limited to races created by our care for which we can even add a refueling to the stands. if necessary. The very essence of the motor racing so goes next to the main mode, even if the game offers a lot of ways to have fun and master the circuits, especially with its gold medal system to recover on each sector In “experience of the circuit” where the game offers us to work each sector to control the routes.

Shiny allowance

We were waiting for it and the revoiled: the mode “allowed” makes its return. Indispensable to the progression of the solo mode and therefore, cars and circuits, these licenses make us pass from the events going from the simple turn to the winding sequence on which we must find the right pace to win the gold medal. A system that has made the renowned of its predecessors and that we are happy to find there, so much it did not take a ride and always offers a statement. No doubt to finish a silver event at 27.808 seconds while the gold medal gets off at 27,800 is terribly frustrating, but it is the repetition of these trials to win the gold that gives a real boost to Our mastery of the game and who pushes us to always go further to find the limits of the circuits. However, it must be taken to disable visual aids (braking points, trajectories…) which, if they are more effective than the previous GT (especially GT Sport that struggled on this point), remain too often cautious and encourage us to Crake far too early. Difficult to have gold with these trajectories, even if they help many neophytes in the race to discover the circuits and their preferential trajectories.

Aids that allow the greatest number of being able to try GT7. Certainly, the game speaks mainly to automobile enthusiasts by calling at the heart of the fans and evoking a few legendary cars every time he presents the story, but the game does it with such a love that it sometimes becomes touching and could even make people want to take a closer look at this world. Because GT7 has something attractive that far exceeds the passion for the motor racing: very beautiful, the game often seduces thanks to its management of light, whether it is natural or that it comes from the headlights of our pursuers. Added to this is a dynamic weather, finally present, which evolves the race conditions with fluidity and success, making some longer lines particularly pleasant when after a few tours at the end of the day we find ourselves under a dark night. Vehicle modeling is always effective and the interiors are faithful to reality. One could blame the rain to be more discreet and little visible on the screen, unlike other race games where to pursue a competitor in the rain considerably deteriorates visibility because of the water projected by the wheels, but but It is still sensing its effects on braking distances and skids that the soaked track causes. Not to mention the puddles of water clearly visible and that we seek to avoid on our trajectories. To enjoy it, the game offers two modes: performance and ray tracing. In both cases, the game is in 60fps without ray tracing in the race, the RT mode does not propose only in the slowed with a lower _framerate. It is therefore advisable to activate it in order to make pretty catches, the 60fps not having so much interest as that during the slowdowns.


These visual sensations mix with the sensations provided by the joystick, the game completely exploiting the dualsense with its different levels of vibration and resistance spoils. We truly feel the track in the hollow of the hand and this brings a real plus to sensations already worked in play, especially on the grip of the vehicle on the bitumen. There may be failure, particularly in the off-road races (and the infamous representation of the rally) in which the game does not take advantage of it to offer vibrations a different hair of the bitumen, but in the GT7 set At a very organic side that works wonders. From Sound Design to the feeling of hand in hand through its visual appearance, it is a very complete title that leaves only very few things at random. Very alive, the title manages to hang on for many hours, first with its sensations, then with its plethoric content that constantly rewards car and circuit (even if the routes are less numerous than one could have to hope). What to forgive him, maybe a little, the microtransactions and the purchase of credit with real money to facilitate the unlocking of the most expensive bolids, several million credits.

The PlayStation 4 version of Gran Turismo 7 is quite similar visually to its GT Sport predecessor. More dull visually, much less detailed than its version PS5 and with a more limited lighting system, the title must also be filled with load times from a good thirty seconds at each tread launch. We also note an aliasing quite present, but overall, the title remains suitable, like GT Sport, and can everything to be appreciated in this way if you have not found PlayStation yet 5 . We welcome its stability with the 60fps that are maintained without any problem.


Investish return of a license that has struggled to find its place in recent years, Gran Turismo 7 is up to expectations and even better. Generous and often just in his way of approaching the car race, whether they are the sensations of driving or the history of the industry, the title of polyphony digital extirus from the mass of similar games to propose His own vision. A different way of imagining the race game, halfway between pure race and museum, with all that it brings moments of calm where we take a clever pleasure to (re) plunge into the history of some of the most mythical cars. It was certainly the best way to celebrate the twenty-five years of the license, with an undisguised love for the history of the automobile, but also for that of the license, returning to some fundamentals (permits, including and finding the flame of yesteryear.

_Test made by Hachim0n on PlayStation 5 from a version provided by the publisher.

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