GTA Online Guide: Complete Solution, Entry, Tips and Tricks

GTA Online is the multiplayer component of Grand Theft Auto V, also known as Grand Theft Auto 5 or GTA5 . Set in the city The Saints Developers Rockstars Open World Originally on the published Playstation 3 in 2013, before it was ported on the PS4 2014 U PS5 In 2022. We have the game A 9/10 in our GTA 5 PS4 review describes it as “stellar creation”.

In this GTA online guide We will be our parts complete solution from Where to start in this epic online sandbox, including each quantity Tips and tricks for beginners . On this page we show it How to quickly make money and how to spend it with that best weapons and weapons to buy and * the best cars and vehicles for buying and owning . We also take you on a tour through The best things you should first do in Los Santos *.

You will also find answers to other frequently asked questions, such as Z How to buy CEO the best MC company to buy and How to make millions with the Cayo Perico . Continue reading for a full crash course about one of the largest and most diverse multiplayer games on the market, including How to build a criminal empire and put your name on the saints legend. And if you are looking for more Grand Theft Auto, then look at our GTA Trilogy Guide **.

GTA Online Guide: Where do I start? Walkthrough

GTA Online is a density and rewarding experience, but it can also be overwhelming. Rockstar has spent years to add new content The saints and it can hardly know Where to start . The simple answer to this question is to easily experiment and see what you like, but new players often look for something more guidance.

Luckily our GTA online guide can help. In this section of the guide, we present you some pages that will help you find out where you need to start as soon as you arrived at Los Santos International Airport:

  • GTA online: Best career builders shops, vehicles and weapons to choose from : Those of them use the new Career Builder tool will want to make the best decisions when it comes to their criminal career shape. Fortunately, we can help. This guide takes you through the options available to you and the best companies, vehicles and weapons that you can choose with your profit of 4,000,000 GTA $.
  • GTA Online: The best things you should do first in Los Santos : This guide serves as tourist information for new GTA online players. In it you will find a list of the hottest destinations in Los Santos, which will help you familiarize yourself with all things that you can do in the game.
  • GTA Online: How to quickly make money : If you are looking for a better-written introduction to GTA online, then this guide will show you how to change from destitute to penthouse. This guide includes checklists and achievable tasks that will not only help you to see the abundance of activities that the game has to offer, but also help you to earn a lot of money.

GTA Online Guide: Money – Complete Solution

Money rules the world in Los Santos, and if you want to do something GTA online Then you have to know How to quickly make money . You will use her hard earned GTA $ to buy and upgrade Company start Raids and even squirt on nice things like the the best cars and vehicles for buying and owning .

For the next part of our GTA online guide , we present you the concepts you make to the millionaire. Whether you are a longtime player who wants to maximize your profits, or a freshman trying to write your own history from the dish washer to the millionaire in the countryside of the liberate, we will have filled your bank credit in a short time in bulging.

  • GTA online: How to make money quickly

GTA Online Guide: Complete solution for businesses and management

To lead an underground business empire is one of the most rewarding things that you can do GTA online and it’s the answer to one of the most common questions of the game: How to quickly make money . There are 13 companies You can own and manage Los Santos. You are:

  • Document Cover Offices
  • weed farms
  • Factories for fake cash
  • Methamphetamine laboratories
  • Cocaine lockups
  • special cargo camp
  • Vehicle cargo camp
  • Nightclubs
  • bunker
  • Hangars
  • Arcades
  • car dealership
  • agencies

For this next part of our GTA online guide we will explain how to use all the kingdom company in the saints . We present the present Basic Terms of Management Explaining How to maximize the profit with each organization, and as best expand and upgrade your criminal industry.

Complete Los Santos Car Meet Tour & Guide | GTA Online Los Santos Tuners

All business guides

  • GTA Online: Best MC companies to buy
  • GTA Online: Best nightclub to buy
  • GTA Online: How to get rich with warehouse management in the nightclub
  • GTA online: Best office to buy
  • GTA online: How to rich with vehicle freight and special freight in the office
  • GTA online: Best bunker to buy and how to get rich with Gunrnning
  • GTA Online: The best hangar for buying and how to get rich through smuggling
  • GTA Online: The best arcade to buy and how to start the Diamond Casino
  • GTA Online: Best car dealership to buy
  • GTA Online: Best Agency to Buy

GTA Online Guide: Complete solution for robberies

Raids are one of the tentpole activities in GTA Online , so you can host multi-level missions with friends and strangers and finish that end with enormous paying days. Rockstar has four kinds of published robbery in GTA online Go to each other: Raids The DoomSday raid The Diamond Casino Raid and the Cayo Perico Umfall .

In this part of our GTA online guide we will make some tips, strategies and general advice for the start of the various present raids and successfully with you. Remember, while most raids On this list several players are needed, the Cayo Perico attack can be completed completely alone.

Cayo Perico raid

  • GTA Online: How to start the Cayo Perico raid
  • GTA online: How to make millions with the Cayo Perico **

Diamond Casino Raid

  • GTA Online: The best arcade to buy and how to start the Diamond Casino

GTA Online: Complete solution for the buyer guide

We have already explained it How to quickly make money in our GTA online guide , but with so many content in the game you will probably need help while spending. Between such Warstock Cache & Carry and Legendary Motorsport There are hundreds of objects that enumerate all around your hard-earned money GTA $ and that’s before you even have things like to calculate Southern San Andreas Super Cars and the dreaded dock tease .

It is important to think about having fun, so you should not be too many thoughts about the purchase of things that are not meta, unless you try to save money. In this section of the page, however, we will recommend some of them The best cars and vehicles for buying and owning as well as best weapons and weapons to buy and much more.

  • GTA Online: The best cars and vehicles for buying and owning
  • GTA Online: Fastest cars
  • GTA Online: Best Weapons and Weapons To Buy

GTA Online Guide: Frequently Asked Questions and Other Exemplary procedures

GTA Online is an unnecessarily complicated game, and Rockstar does not always explain particularly well as certain systems work. As part of our GTA online guide then we will answer some frequently asked questions, which you should hopefully help you understand some of the head-breaking mechanics of the title, as well as various other aspects you might not know, including for the single player GTA5 game.

Frequently asked Questions

  • GTA Online: So transfer your character from PS4 to PS5
  • Gta online: How to play solo and avoids grief
  • GTA Online: How to Turn Players Mute
  • GTA Online: Man’s CEO
  • GTA Online: How To Become Motorcycle Club President
  • GTA Online: How to Sell Cars
  • GTA Online: How to adjust your radio
  • Gta online: is it free to play?


  • GTA Online: Best Multiplayer Modes and Jobs

The Holy Tuner

  • Gta online: How to find the LS Car Meet and become a member
  • GTA Online: How to edit cars in Haos Special Works
  • GTA Online: All cars compatible with Haos Special Works Tuning Upgrades
  • GTA Online: All Circoloco records of USB sticks
  • GTA Online: All locations of shipwrecks

The contract

  • GTA Online: How to start the contract

Weekly update

  • Weekly GTA online update


  • GTA 5: All differences between PS5 and PS4
  • GTA 5: How to transfer the progress of the PS4 memory data to PS5
  • GTA 5-cheats: All Cheat Codes in Grand Theft Auto 5
  • GTA 5 Money: How to master the stock market and buys everything in the game

GTA Online Guide: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

We hope our GTA online guide has already introduced some of the more complex mechanisms and systems of the game. However, there are also a number of basics that digest beginners and keep in mind when gaming.

Make yourself familiar with the interaction menu

The interaction menu is, effective, rock star adding hundreds of additional buttons to your dualSense or Dualshock 4 controller. It’s not the most elegant solution, but you have to deal with it when you plan something in GTA online. Not only do you need the interaction menu Learning So you get CEO but it is also where you will be able to request Request private vehicles, See your daily goals and even set * Waypoints . You can access the access interaction menu * by holding down the touchpad, and you should take some time to familiarize yourself with all its characteristics and features before you do anything else in GTA online.

Eat snacks to recover

Almost all GTA online players repent teammates who do not eat snacks especially during raids . But to be fair, Rockstar is guilty here: It does not really present the concept. As you probably already know, you will only recover until half if you suffer damage in GTA 5. To completely restore your health, access the Interaction menu by holding down the touchpad and selecting Inventory > Snacks . You can buy snacks from shops around Los Santos, but some places like the office and car dealer actually offer free supplies.

Do not get herself in Grind

In GTA Online, it is too easy to expire into a routine as you will be described in our how to quickly make money and hate the game at the end. It’s fun to make a lot of money in Los Santos, but it’s always worthwhile…

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