How to redeem GTA online for free on ps5?

How To Claim GTA Online Standalone Free For PS5 And Xbox Series X S
GTA V finally reached PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S . As you probably already know, users of ps5 can enjoy their online section for free during the next three months, but to be able to do it, it will be necessary to follow a series of steps that you will find in this note. To exchange GTA Online Free at PS5 , go to the psn store and visit the ‘Pre-Shopping’ section. Here you must select GTA Online and give it to buy, although obviously it will not be necessary to pay anything as long as you do before June 14. Once you have followed the previous steps, only download the application and ready, you can enjoy gta online completely free. And yes, it is totally necessary to do this directly from a console ps5 ; You can not do it via browser or anything like that.

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