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Aw sh * t, it’s gone! Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the best-selling games of all time, from more than 160 million copies over the decade that followed its debut. Released for the first time on the PlayStation 3 in 2013, the game was a pillar of software sales throughout the PS4 generation, and now it is launched on the PS5. For those of you who play on the new generation console of Sony, you will be able to download GTA online for free, while the solo campaign will have a cost of launch of only 8,75 £ / $ 9.99 until June 14, 2022. But it’s worth up?

Rockstar has barely touched Los Santos since its launch on PS4 in 2014. This means that, that you have invested in a PS4 Pro or that you have used the backward compatibility of the PS5, the console version of the game has been locked at 30 images. second. In 1080p over the past eight years. Not surprisingly, then, see the version presented at 60 frames per second in a higher resolution is breathtaking – even if it is not really impressive compared to the modern standards of the open world. The developer has also added a native HDR support, and although some scenes seem a little too flowery to our liking, you can almost feel the sun of sandbox on the neck.

From left to right: Loyalty, Performance RT, Performance

Three graphic options are available: Fidelity has the best picture quality and seems to solve a native 4K to 30 frames per second; Performance slightly decrease the resolution – they are still well above the 1080p of the PS4 version – but have a 60 images per second equally fluid. We tried to trigger some explosions and the framerate holds well, although your mileage can vary under a significant constraint. The third option is Performance RT, which mixes the throwing of rays with refresh rates of 60 frames per second, although we can honestly not make a lot of difference between the two performance permutations, you may want to wait for any1. One with a magnifying glass to explain exactly what’s going on here.

The three modes look great in our eyes, although given the slow and heaviness of the GTA 5 commands in the best case, the options of 60 frames per second literally change the game. The aim is significantly less slow, while driving through Los Santos with the new GTA Online setting upgrades – more on those later – feels positively awesque. However, the game always shows its age: there are textures that are clearly old who appear from time to time, and the models of characters – especially their faces – can not make the difference with contemporary versions like Horizon forbidden West Or even The Last of Us 2. However, we are talking here about a 2013 title.

Loading times are also considerably improved. An interesting trick is that once you started the game for the first time, it ignores all the boring logos and copyright information thereafter – a saving of only 30 seconds. From there, we timed 11 seconds from the main menu in the solo campaign, and only six seconds when changing character. The start of GTA Online takes a little bit of time – about 44 seconds – but the flow of multiplayer mode is overall faster, allowing you to load and exit key slots like the diamond & casino resort much faster than before..

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Loading time tests | PS5 Version | PS4 Version (RetroCompatibility)

Main menu to a player | 11 seconds | 50 seconds

Solo character change | 6 seconds | 17 seconds
Main Menu of GTA Online Freeroam | 44 seconds | 95 seconds

As mentioned earlier, the only real change of content between GTA 5 on PS5 and PS4 is the addition of Hao ** special work in GTA Online, which allows you to add adjustment improvements to certain vehicles to do so. go faster. And these speed improvements are significant: associate them with the performance of 60 frames per second and you can go fast. There is still a lot of pop-in – even when you do not travel to these new fugging speeds – but we assume that even the ultra-fast SSD of the PS5 can not prevent that.

Rockstar does not do much to improve the flow of multiplayer. A new main menu screen allows you to directly access the content presented, but Los Santos will always be overwhelming for newcomers, and you will need our online GTA guide if you play for the first time this week. You will still have to wait for exorbitant times for the lobbies to fill up, and some of the menus really defy the belief; Years and years to integrate content into a game that was not originally designed for him made the experience a little embarrassing. While the work started on GTA 6, it could still take years.

The solo campaign, although it is dated in some areas, is always fun sometimes, and it contains really memorable moments. We played through a handful of our favorite missions, including the Life Invader sequence, and there is still nothing else like that. The open world, too, is probably unprecedented: even the highly anticipated CyberPunk 2077 does not have a world as alive and credible. In the end, it is a real testimony of Rockstar’s original vision that a version of 2013 still has as much character.

So, is it worth the upgrade? Well, do you like GTA 5? Aside from the PC version, this is by far the best version of Los Santos that you can find on Console, with fast loading times, net visuals and a soft, silky image frequency that helps eliminate some of the Gameplay problems of the original – we do not even mention the dualsense support, which is brilliantly implemented, and even captures tiny details like rain falling on your character. For the price of the launch offer, this represents excellent value for money, even if you paid the price in the past. But if you have already played these missions and you are not interested in GTA Online, it will be more difficult for sale, we assume. The problem is that we do not think you will get your GTA 6 hotfix before a while.

Will you come back to GTA 5 and GTA Online on PS5 this week? If this is your first Rodeo, check out our online GTA guide and let us know if you will book a trip to Los Santos in the Comments section below.

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