Pokemon Go: Raidbosse March 2022

Trainer, celebrates in Pokémon Go the color festival and the Alola season! And then, if you are then puffed by the choreogel hunt, you can dedicate to the current Raidbosses of Pokémon Go in March 2022. There are, next to the apparently eternally recurring Sharrago and the still relatively new Wuffel this time Boreos in the animal spirit shape and… it can be caught as Shiny! So who wants to add a new dazzling of his collection, not only makes hunting for Boreos (animal spirit form), but also uses on 16 March 2022 between 18:00 and 19:00 clock the legendary RAID lesson for Tornadus Therian ^^

Pokémon Go Raidbosse March 2022 – News

MARCH 2022 Event Breakdown In Pokémon GO! | Research, Raids, Spotlight Hours & Community Day!
In the RAIDs you currently find the following pocket monsters, to whom you can wealthy the butt. Which of her with happiness as Shiny gets in front of the lens, we have marked with (+).

Animal 1 RAIDs
Pummeluff (+), Geckarbor (+), Flemmli (+), Hydropi (+), Wuffels (+)

Animal 3-raids
Knogga, Alola-Knogga (+), Chaneira (+), Nachtara, Shardrago (+)

Animal 5-raids
Boreos (animal spirit) (+)

Mega-Schlapor (+)

Currently paused

Preview of Kapu Fala?

Because from March 22, 2022, the next special research becomes available to the Alola season, namely the Alola-Island Akala, is assumed that from March 22, 2022 at 10:00 in the Raids the new Pokémon Kapu-Fala is available will. However, this is not confirmed by the developers of Niantic. By the way, you can also deal with special research a Mele-Mele adventure .

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