Sparkasse with great change: new online

Sparkasse customers expect an innovation in the use of their account. Thus, there is some benefit to consumers.

Germany – transfer money and other transactions not work now more only at ATMs of the Savings Bank. the financial affairs via the online banking can be very comfort of your sofa do.

Sparkasse with great change: a new online banking is to offer even more benefits customers

After the savings bank itself, a change has already announced for online banking, now followed by the next innovation, to which the customer must set. According to information from t Online there are some adjustments in the application of the bank.

This includes, for example, that customers of the savings bank in the smartphone application can set the background color. As it should then enter the update the app to version 6.0.2 the so-called Dark Mode already with other digital programs, such as Instagram, Outlook or Google Chrome.

This option is not only friendly to the eye than the previously bright variant. The Darkmode, so the black background color should also protect the battery of the smartphone and thus also total less power (more news to digital at online).

Sparkasse change app: Sun online banking even easier for customers

In addition, the app of the Sparkasse will provide customers with greater clarity than before. So there is now a bar for quick access to important functions. These include “card lock”, “offices finder” and “transfer”.

Another change to the savings bank, there are at the menu item “financial status”. The option gets labeled “Financial Summary” a new name missed and now offers “track of accounts, cards, deposits and loans,” as it says in t Online.

Sparkassen app with change: New feature provides contact with consultants ago

On the bottom of the screen a so-called tab bar can now be found with other options. Customers can arrange tailor their accounts.

Who has a pressing concern should in future no additional service hotline choose the bank. For it is now to see a personal adviser in the app, which is an aside. If necessary, the contact can be produced on the application then.

Users of Iphones the update with the new features can already use. In people with an Android operating system on the smartphone changes from the Savings Bank also immediately (14 March), should be available.

Setting up Online-Banking in english

Since use according * more and more customers, the digital version of banking at Sparkasse * and other banks, it is more important for the savings bank to make the customers work with their finances as easy as possible.

Sparkasse changed App: online banking increasingly popular with customers

According to the news portal-Online_ _t should use the proportion in the 18-29 age group, the online banking can be very high at 48 per cent. But the older generation has discovered the digital version is already in itself. With 45 percent of over-60s, the proportion is almost as high as among the young.

This could be because that is connected especially outside the cities of the stage or the trip to the next Savings Bank branch for betagtere customers with a large force and time. The Corona pandemic has on the use of online banking influence. By finishing the finances at home on the computer, consumers save with the (public) trips and going to the ATMs potential contagion herd. _ * as online part of the editorial network of IPPEN.MEDIA._

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