The new Call of Duty game is “All Inclusive” says privileged information

_ Duty 2022, _ supposedly nicknamed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is going to be “all-inclusive”, according to a prominent bacalao person aware. If the revelation of Call of Duty: Black Ops War Cold and Call of Duty: Vanguardia – The two most recent deliveries in the series – are indicators, _ duty 2022_ will not be revealed until this summer. Until then, bacalao fans are going to have to settle for gossip, as the last Ralph report, the aforementioned _Obligations.

On Twitter, Ralph transmitted the news that Infinity Ward “does not lean towards a particular game style.” To this end, he adds that the game is “an all-inclusive title” that will allow faster game styles and slower styles. Normally, each year Bacalao choose between one of these two, so it will be interesting to see Infinity Ward try to make it easier and then keep it balanced, assuming that the affirmation is accurate.

“I would like to emphasize one thing, Infinity Ward does not lean towards a single stylish style in particular:” Modern II, is an all-inclusive title, it will facilitate all styles; Fast and slow, “Ralph said.

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Unfortunately, this is the scope of the report. What is here, of course, should be taken with a grain of salt. While the source in question has proven to be reliable in the past, it does not deny the fact that everything here is not official. In addition, even if it is necessary, it is subject to change, especially with a game that has not yet been revealed to the public.

At the time of publication, Activision and Infinity Ward have not addressed this report and speculation that has created in any way. If this changes, what we do not expect, we will update the story accordingly. Meanwhile, for more obligations coverage, including the latest about the next delivery of this year, zona of war, cod mobile and vanguardia – Click here.

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