How to defeat the hierofant in a triangle strategy

The battle with Hierophant requires concentration and a clear strategy and can easily become one of the most difficult battles in the game if you are not ready. In this guide, we will inform you how to defeat the hiero in the triangle strategy, specifying some key strategies that you can use, and things that you need to pay attention.

How to defeat the hierophant in a triangle strategy

It is recommended to participate in this battle at level 33. In addition, try to spend as much currency as possible to buy accessories, items for restoring and improving units to increase your strength for the battle.

Hierophanta abilities

The hierophant appears to be a complex enemy, but if you stay focused throughout the battle, then it should not be a problem for you guys. This creature mainly depends on the automata that comes to help him during the battle. His ability to kill anyone with three or more TP is dangerous, so you need to constantly watch your TP.

The “divine punishment” spell, which she utters at the very beginning, can be fatal, so you need to make sure that your allies are scattered.

Thus, all your allies will not be killed immediately. Although she will need some time to charge four TP and start this attack, you still need to be vigilant when it is preparing for this attack.

It can also encourage dolls to help himself during the battle, for which three TPs are also required. So, you can see that its power is completely dependent on TP. She is also immune to the status defaults due to the possession of the passive ability to resist everything.

Triangle Strategy is the Perfect Introduction to Tactical RPGs

Hyzantian Elite Battlemage can use Thunderbird spell, which causes magic lightning type in exchange for three TPs. Nevertheless, it takes some time to get to you guys, as the Gizant magicians are at a distance, but they are very dangerous by their nature.

Observe with additional enemies

Players must take care of other enemies except Hierophant. Enemies, except Hierophant, include Hyzantian Blade X1, Hyzantian Elite Blade X1, Hyzantian Cavalry X2, Hyzantian Battlemage X2, Hyzantian Elite Battlemage X1, Hyzantian Elite Healer, Automaton X6. The maximum size of your group can be 10.

Two best options to join your group in this battle is Erador and Hewette. Eradidor owns protective skills, so it easily withstands the blows. You just need to make sure that he will not hit one of the magicians. Strokes emanating from magicians can kill it only with one hit.

Unit accommodation

You can place the serneas on the left, and Erador on the right in front. The soldiers going to the left side will deal with Sinea, and Archibald here must join your group to apply a big damage to remote machines. However, remember that the murder of automata activates Last Resort, which can kill allies next to the automata at this time.

Benedict and Medica can give Erador a few additional moves. In addition, you can provide it with a strengthening specialist and prevent its HP to fall below 25%.

Players need to surround the enemies approaching Erador so that he can quickly get rid of them.

On the other hand, Hewette can run shadow arrows against the enemies of the melee, which are at a huge distance. This can be repeated at least twice and maximum three times if you updated.

Thus, your allies will be able to effectively straighten with enemies at a short distance. Lionel can also be used to provocate long-distance enemies.

Win carons

If you manage to defeat the magicians and automatons, she will have to spend TP to call on other assistants who will come and help her in battle.

We spend more and more TP means that it will have less chances to use Divine Punishment against you, so it will increase your life.

In addition to machine guns, the hierophanta has no other main source of damage. The hierophant can use automata only once when it comes to do it.

Moreover, sometimes he will also not be able to use it at every go. Nevertheless, the automata makes a serious damage, so you should be alert and try to defeat them as soon as possible.

The goddess can defeat the ally only one blow. Therapeutic items will be useful here, so players should focus more on therapeutic subjects to deal with the goddess. Take Guil and Cordelia will be an excellent choice, since Gila, applying acceleration to it, will allow it to quickly heal the allies.

Other magicians, such as Frederick, can also be useful, as they can effectively effectively damage distant enemies. So, try to aim on the enemies that are in groups so that you can hit more of them at the same time. Use items such as fiery stones to apply a big damage to enemies in groups.

You do not need to worry about other enemies if you defeat the hiero. So, just focus on the aforementioned advice to defeat the hierophanta as soon as possible. As soon as the Ierophant will defeat the triangle strategy, ERCGERSOG Gustadolf will come with the news that Camcell suffered a defeat, and the Laila’s minister surrendered. So, on this chapter comes to the end, and the strength of SERINA and ERCGERSOG Gustadolf goes by the winners.

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