Anno 1800: First info about Season 4 shortly, big update to the list of well-known bugs

With Season 4, Ubisoft Mainz also brings three large DLCs for Anno 1800 : The first information on the new season is announced for the end of March. Not a long time before players know where the journey of upcoming extensions leads. With the release of each DLCs, there are larger updates that further optimize the playback game and supplement additional features. To which bugfixes the makers each screws, shows a list of known problems.

Anno 1800 SEASON 4 ANNOUNCED - New Game Modes & DLCs || MASSIVE CONTENT || Strategy City Builder
Ubisoft Mainz has adopted a list of a list established in the forum for the startup game – and the remarks relocated to a trello board. “As you can see, the Trello board is divided into different categories \ – The top cards give you a few more details about each category, if you are not sure what the categories mean,” the developers share the developers with. If you click on one of the cards, you will receive more info and a workaround, if one is known. If the developers need more information from the players, the “Need Community Help” label can be seen.

List of well-known problems

The goal of this Trello board is to “see you visibility and additional information about some of the topics of our community topics “. The bugs are prioritized – depending on the number of messages of the players. The developers complement that the list does not cover all things that you investigate and not contains every single error that the community reports. Bugs and Glitches can still be reported on tickets on the Ubisoft website, inter alia. For example, the developers are currently examining an error, which does not properly trigger the world freedom achievement.

News for Season 4 shortly

At what point the next update for Anno 1800 (Buy now € 18.00 / € 21.99) is not known so far. Only in February Ubisoft Mainz had published the patch 13.2, which contained additional bug fixes for the construction game. Finally, they participated in preparing the news about Season 4. It is known that the focus in the DLCs this time is on the new world, there will not be a new region. However, the developers are aware of the space problems in the new world and want to consider the plans for the new DLCs.

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