GTA 5 PS5 promotions can only be claimed on a console

Fighting to find stock ps5 But in the hope of getting a free copy of GTA online and enjoy the launch offer for GTA 5? Sorry, you can not. As a number of readers have pointed out, you will need to physically own a PlayStation 5 console to download your free copy of GTA Online and buy the Solo campaign for the launch offer of $ 8.75 / $ 9.99.

You can not find the customer on the Web Boutique PS or application Playstation , making these offers exclusive to the new generation console owners itself. We imagine that it is the agreement that Sony has concluded with Rockstar from the beginning, but it’s not a great look given the scarcity of the system stock. Owners of Xbox can buy the new generation of GTA 5 outside the Xbox Series X ecosystem | S, but it should be emphasized that they do not get quite the same offer.

Obviously, PS PLUS Subscribers can claim free PS5 games on the online store, but it’s a different kind of offer because even if you will need a subscription Active to play GTA Online, this is not technically part of the monthly programming. Of course, you have until June 14 to find a PS5 and enjoy the offer, so you have a little bit of time.

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Yet it is not great in the circumstances: the PS5s are so difficult to find that we can perfectly understand that players buy as many content as possible, ready for the moment when they can actually find a system in nature. So, it seems a little struggling on the part of Sony and Rockstar, and although we are sure that the arrangement has been done before the shortage of semiconductors, a little more awareness would not hurt here.

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