New feature for GTA online: Player

GTA Online has received numerous updates over many years, which will expand the game both content and add new features. But a fan desire is not true until today: CrossSplay support. But maybe that could change as a new document of Rockstars Mother’s company Take-Two suggests.

CrossSplay in GTA Online: Zynga could take over the job

GTA Online likes to be almost nine years old, but still hundreds of thousands of players are still on the PlayStation, Xbox and PC servers. Although the game is such a great success, RockStar has held it so far not necessary to miss his Goldesel CrossSplay support .

So PC players can not play with friends on the PlayStation or Xbox – and the consoles can only make ourselves unsafe together with Gamern on their platform – and that, although many players wish long crosplay.

But that could change soon. In a new document in which Cyngas is revealed closer to take over by Take-Two, there is a section that elapses, what use this takeover has for the company . There is also the following point:

“The identification of at least $ 500 million of additional annual net liability opportunities, which can be developed over time, partly by developing new mobile games and cross-platform experiences for many of the iconic franchises in the portfolio of intellectual property of Take Two. “(Source: Take-Two Registration Statement)

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Would CrossSplay be worthwhile for rock star?

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Although not clear from the short text section, which games Take-Two says exactly, but the company’s iconic brands is likely to count especially GTA. With a little luck, Zynga really gets the order, to provide CrossSplay for GTA Online . A mobile version of the Open World Hits is still in the room. Finally, Zynga has a belong to know-how in this area with hits like Farmville or Words with Friends.

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An official statement from Rockstar or Take-Two to the CrossSplay support of GTA Online is currently not . That the implementation of such a feature would be worthwhile for the company but is out of question. Finally, more players with their friends could play together in this way, which is likely to ensure a growth of gameship and thus the turnover. We’ll keep you up to date.

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