John and Brenda Romero: The origin of myths such person personalities Doom, Wolfenstein and Wizardry

We return one Saturday more with Memory Card Profiles To remember along with two person personalities of the anecdotes and moments of their dilated race in the middle. Today Juan Arenperson personalities interviews John and Brenda Romero , intimately linked to FPS and RPG respectively, and that in this program they speak to us in addition to many other issues related to the environment since its extensive experience.

Brenda developed much of her career working for the legendary saga of Rol Wizardry; And John, central figure of mythical id Software, hperson personalities some of the most emblematic shooting titles, with Doom and Wolfenstein at the head. From the importance of design to the evolution of his respective genres, both travel with us today a lot of issues that go further in a wonderful talk. Enjoy!

  • Interview : Juan Arena

The Hidden History of Women in Code - Brenda Romero
* Edition : Rubén Vázquez

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