Schultz in front of Heidenheim: “I can not explain it”

With last seven points from the last three games, with four aluminum hits in Dresden (1: 1), against Karlsruhe (3: 1) and in Ingolstadt (3: 1), FC St. Pauli has resigned again in the ascent race, after only six points from six before. Thus, the hamburger part of the dot top 3 of the 2nd Bundesliga, three points before the 1st FC Nuremberg (to the table). In order to expand the positive trend, Heidenheim seems to come correctly – in addition, because the millennium was for the first time since the Corona Pandemic again fully utilized over 29,000 spectators. The past three duels won St. Pauli each with four own gates against the FCH. For a spectacle made in these games also a total of seven Heidenheimers goals.

Why St. Pauli was unaffectedly so strong against this opponent, coach Timo Schultz himself seems to be able to explain: “You can not answer that. The games were all very different. I would not mind if it stays like that I can not explain it either. ” At 4: 2 in the first leg, for example, the Hamburgers turned the game within just six minutes of play of 0: 1 3: 1, Burgstaller hit twice as much as Dittgen.

Schultz wants to slowly integrate Afeez Aremu to Corona infection

The very best of sergeant schultz
However, dittgen will continue to be missing, as Schultz announced before the game. As Amenido he should return to the place in the country break. “Lawrence is back in training and has taken parts therefrom. Ziereis is still running a bit next to the group.” Meanwhile, Afeez Aremu represents a special case, which had been infected with the coronavirus. His coach explained why he wants to slowly involve him slowly back into the game in contrast to many colleagues. “Just that he is negative, does not mean that he is also playable. We will have to spoil him a bit and do not want to go there,” Schulz said. “That’s another story as a footprell or so, as a coach and club also has the care.” This position also supports the sports cardiologist Martin Halle in the games interview.

Heidenheim bush for two games locked

As one of the promotion favorites, Schultz had titled the FCH before the season. “Heidenheim is I believe a team that is similar to us is easy to read, a physically strong team that has sprinted most for years, excellent combat values ​​on the ground and in the air. There is also a unique manuscript of my colleague. “

Schultz calculates as in the first leg with a triple chain of the opponent, otherwise usually defended with four people in the latter – except against teams with a diamond in midfield: “They have also made them against Dresden,” analyzed the 44-year-old. St. Paulis coach also expects the opponent whose captain Mainka and striker small service back in the starting eleven. Right-back Busch will be missing after his red card for a total of two games, as the DFB sports court announced on Wednesday.

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