The Digital Wii and DSI stores are dropped for several days

Wii and DSI online digital stores have been dropped for several days. This fact has occurred without prior notice of Nintendo and the reason is not known (either a closure for maintenance or that they have stopped supporting it definitively), and from Eurogamer United Kingdom aim that they are inaccessible from, at least, the Past March 16.

Until this incident occurred, users could not buy new games at the Nintendo DSI store or in the Wii store channel, but they had available the titles they already had property.

As they explain in VGC, when opening the Wii Store, Error 209601 appears (with a message “could not be connected to the server”), while when trying to access DSI, we can see the 209502 error, which Indicates «Interference in the wireless connection». However, from GBatemp aim that the main server continues active, because games can still be downloaded through third-party tools.

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At the moment, Nintendo has not pronounced itself about it.

A few more than a month ago, in fact, Nintendo announced the closure of the ESHOs of Wii U and Nintendo 3DS . This cease implies that new titles will not be able to be purchased at their digital stores as of March 2023, although we can access the content that we already had in our library, which is the point where the consoles were resulted in this News until a few days ago. In any case, although it is true that it seemed a good time for also notifying us from the closure of Wii and DSi stores, by then nothing about them was commented.

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