GTA 5: The Next Gen version in the test – every year again …

Grand Theft Auto 5 'Next-Gen' Upgrades Analysis: PS5 vs PS4 vs Maxed-Out PC!
Rockstar Games once again released a Remaster of GTA 5. That’s good, but we expect more.

GTA 5 and especially the associated online mode GTA online seem to develop into a kind of new FIFA. However, in contrast to EA, Rockstar Games has actually brought the same game to the market for nine years, always adapted to the market – always with minimal improvements and the current console generation.

In the run-up, there was certainly legitimate doubts as to whether Rockstar Games is capable of publishing a Remaster for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S in the error-free state. The trauma of the completely messed GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is probably still in the bones many fans. The good news in advance: A technical full disaster has not become the Next-Gen version of GTA 5. The now second Remaster of the Open World Game is quite solid and competently implemented. However, that’s almost everything that this version has to offer.

Still a little thing in advance: As already when switching from PS3 / Xbox 360 to PS4 / Xbox One, you can take your progress to the current console generation via the Rockstar Games Social Club. However, this only works once and only from the PS4 to the PS5 or Xbox One for Xbox Series X / s. For example, you can not continue your PC score on one of the current consoles.

Outstanding singleplayer mode

The singleplayer part of GTA 5 was extremely impressive to the release. As alive and diverse, Open Worlds saw at this time, then before felt unique in 2013, rather. A small demolition for the enormously unlikely case that someone has no idea what it’s all about: in Grand Theft Auto 5 it takes you to the Fictitious US state of San Andreas. This includes the big city of Los Santos (the GTA version of Los Angeles) whose surrounding area velvet small villages. This is a large area and there is also a lot to do.

The main action, who experiences her alternately through the eyes of the three protagonists Michael, Franklin and Trevor, takes you across San Andreas. Just off the main history, a lot of funny side activities await you. In Los Santos and the surrounding area, for example, you always meet the so-called “strangers and freaks”, which have particularly crude supermissions for you.

Nine years after release, the singleplayer part of Grand Theft Auto 5 is still a very good figure. Although the character models and some animations are to be realized that the title is already a few years old, the Open World and their stories still work today. Especially the spectacular staged services are still worth a look. It’s a pity that the singleplayer is now rather a niche-eating as a nice pickling. The focus is clearly on the enormously profitable online mode.

GTA Online is now a completely independent game

GTA Online has become an amazing phenomenon over the years – and one of the best online games of all time. The launch about two weeks after the release of the singleplayer part was still very rumbling. Frequent connection breaks and loading times directly out of hell overshadowed the starting signal. Now, nine years later, one of the biggest online open-world playgrounds awaits you at all, crammed with almost ridiculously many content and surprisingly little annoying filling material.

After a character creation, it goes directly. First, you choose your career with which you want to start online in GTA. This is new in the Next-Gen version, in which no longer relatively medium and scheduled in Los Santos arrives, but directly starts with its own company. To choose from are the careers as nightclub owners (little surprisingly, you take care of your own nightclub with the support of Gay Tony, known from the “GTA 4” extension The Ballad of Gay Tony), “Gunrunner” (here you operate a bunker with All kinds of illegal weapons and other heavy equipment), executive (here you manage your own office with all sorts of multiple orders and also have your own warehouse) and bikers (your own motorcycle club is founded).

The necessary change for the purchase of a motorcycle clubhouse or a hangar for your questionable import transactions then find itself. These are partly several million GTA dollars and can certainly take some time. Luckily, there are many ways to get to the coal. In addition to the careers, you can complete one of the many services including preparation missions, race or claim you in the many PVP modes including a Battle-Royale variant.

Over the nine years Rockstar Games GTA Online has constantly developed and successfully kept alive. Meanwhile, the multiplayer mode is even available as a separate title. Quite rightly, the scope is enormous. On some technical condition has also d1. Long load times, for example, belong to the past. However, the merits of any next-gen version and also the lobby system is still fairly inflexible. Is it you lose, for example, in the middle of one of the online Heists and one of your teammates the connection, the mission will be terminated immediately for all involved and you will be returned thrown into the “free” mode. Only there you can search for a new player – still extremely annoying and time consuming.

Despite the care and the many updates you realize GTA online at the same locations as the single player mode of GTA 5 that we have a nine year old game in front of us here. While Rockstar Games clearly equips the multiplayer more attention, but also the character models and animations are somewhat fallen out of time. The lobby system and player search should be also revised principle.

Minimum technical adjustments

Unlike previous versions Rockstar Games has the next-gen Remaster expanded from GTA 5 is a native 4K resolution, raytracing support and the three performance modes “fidelity”, “power” and “power plus ray tracing”.

The three modes and their meanings

  • fidelity: native 4K resolution with raytracing and 30 FPS

  • Power: reduced details, upscaled 4K resolution, raytracing, but 60 FPS
  • power plus raytracing: reduced details, upscaled 4K resolution, raytracing and up to 60 FPS

Especially when activated fidelity mode, 30 frames per second fall to be felt in heated or fast-moving scenes. If a lot is going on on the screen, drop the FPS isolated even among the 30 value. This is annoying, especially in competitive modes, as you so well reprisal. The best of both worlds combines the “power plus ray tracing” mode. Here you is not a native 4K available, but there are beautiful raytracing shadows and a liquid refresh rate that can withstand even long matches. If your screen or television anyway no 4K may represent, we advise you all this Performance mode.

Exclusive PS5 features

The PS5 version of GTA 5 supports Dual Sense Controller features. The adaptive trigger will be adjusted accordingly depending on the firearm and car model. Also, you receive radio messages and phone calls about the included in the controller speaker. Also, the microphone can be provisionally used for communication during a session with other players. But beware! It is turned on by default when you join a “GTA online” lobby. And while we’re on the subject are sound: 3D audio is also supported.


Rockstar Games is the new remaster of GTA 5 quite successful, but you now realize the game clearly indicate that it is published in its original version already, 2013. The animations and especially the character models do not work anymore. Those of you who have played the story and do not attach importance to the online mode, can save the purchase of the next-gen versions and probably the update is long uninteresting for most “GTA Online” players, as the PS4 and Xbox One versions are still supported.

However, the next-gen version is to have until 14 July 2022 reasonable prices. On the PS5 just 9.99 euros will be due (GTA Online there for three months even free) to the Xbox-Series consoles are about 20 euros. In addition, it must be noted is that GTA 5 never technically in a better condition was, at least not on the consoles. Slowly it is yet some time for Grand Theft Auto. 6

GTA 5 (Next Gen)


Huge Open World

Replete with fun-filled activities

Varied missions

Extensive Heists including preparations

Much better introduction to GTA Online

Tons of ways in the online mode

Still excellent playable

Strong “performance plus ray tracing” mode

Dual Sense features are well used (PS5)


Character models showing its age

Generally technically rough around the edges

4/5 stars

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