How to find mega rare monsters in Nexomon: extinction

One of the most replaceable features of Nexomon: extinction is the idea that you can spend enough time in any field in the hope of seeing a rare beast. But, there is already so much to do – dumpers to intimidate, other monsters to catch – you will rarely find the time to hunt these coveted animals. Although players can maximize their chances of identifying the mega nexomon extinct rare with an important object.

Where to find it

If you have reached the first major location of the game, Parum, you can go to the northwestern part of the city. This is where you can find a research center that will have a black-haired scientist to the right of the support service (see the image above for reference). He claims that he will make an offer that you can not refuse if you fight his Nexomon. There is a small problem: his Nexomon is the mega rare Florozard.

Nexomon Extinction: Every Mega Rare Location!

Have a few pieces at your fingertips

Being a grass type, the fight should not be too much a problem for you, as long as you have fire types in your arsenal with the movement, Burn. Afterwards, the teacher explains that Florozard, among others, can be caught by the players using the experimental lure – a cane that allows you to easily search for the extravagant Nexomon in nature. You can then buy him the object for 1000 pieces. If you are short of money right now, might be fighting the rich delictors near frozen caves to win the amount in no time.

Going further into the game, it will be clear that the lure is a must. There is a huge jump in the Nexomon levels once you pass Parum and a rare mega of your choice would be paying. It should be noted that you do not have to enter your inventory to use the lure. Once acquired, your chances are automatically increased.

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