Pokemon Go: An Akala Adventure Guide to the Alola

Rejoice, fans of the well-kept pocket monster collection fun, because with the event shadow lives in the Ar game Pokémon Go , new special research has been unlocked for the Alola season. This bears the name “An Akala Adventure” and here in the guide we give you all information about the four steps and the rewards. As indicated, this special research is part of the current Pokémon Go season and one of several. Below is links to the guides to the other island specialized researchers – if they are already available.

Overall, five specialized research await you, which we provide for you with a guide as soon as you are available:

  • a mele-mele adventure (from 1 March 2022)
  • An Akala Adventure (from 22 March)
  • A ULA-ULA adventure (from 12th April)
  • A poni adventure (from 10 May)
  • Special Research at the end of the season (from 25 May 2022)

This special research guide is about the steps and rewards of “An Akala Adventure”!

A AKALA Adventure – Step 1/4

  • Fear 10 Pokémon – Reward: 10 x Pokéball
  • Complete 3 field research – Reward: Encounter with Pikachu
  • Start 7 Pokémon Different Type – Reward: 5 x Sananabeer

Reward for completion of step 1: Encounter with Imantis, 500 XP, 500 Star Dust

An AKALA Adventure – Step 2/4

  • Fear 2 Pokémon of Type Water – Reward: Encounter with Mamolida
  • Make three snapshots from a fire-pokémon – Reward: Encounter with Alola-Knogga
  • Use 4 berries when catching Pokémon – Reward: Encounter with Parasek

An Akala Adventure Special Research Pokemon Go Lush Jungle | Pokemon Go Research | Season Of Alola

Reward for completion of step 2: 1 x load-TM, 500 XP, 500 star dust

An Akala Adventure – Step 3/4

  • Level Pokémon 10 times – Reward: 7 x heavenberry
  • 2 kilometers – Reward: 10 x Pokéball
  • Make 3 snapshots of Wild Pokémon – Reward: 10 x Sananabeer

Reward for completing step 3: 1 x Premium Combat Pass, 1,000 XP, 1,000 Star Dust

An AKALA Adventure – Step 4/4

  • Fear 15 Pokémon – Reward: 7 x Sananabeer
  • Send 5 Gifts – Reward: 10 x Superball
  • Win 1 RAID – Reward: Encounter with Alola-Digda

Reward for completing step 4: 15 x Hyperball, 8,000 XP, 3,000 star dust

You have the entire Alola season in Pokémon Go time to successfully complete the different specialized research and sank all rewards – and as it is normal specialized research, you should be able to do it in addition. But the faster you are on the ball, the less you have to catch up with the time or comes from time to the Bredouille. So far, it is not yet known whether to have been done for graduation special research in May all previous ones.

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