GTA Online: Players shoots himself – and saves the life

In the online mode of GTA 5, players get access to a rich weapon arsenal, which also holds some curiosities with special effects. One of them sends out a pressure shaft – and just saved a player’s digital life.

GTA Online: UP-N-Atomizer saves players

A rocket launcher that flows fireworks, a musket, a Railgun GTA online is full of drunked weapons, with which fans los Santos and other players can put in fear and terror.

A weapon is often used when a hacker ensures unrest in the lobby: The UP N-Atomizer . The small pistol has a very special feature: she does not score a fatal projectile, but provides a pressure wave that brings enemy players from the feet and even fees vehicles a few meters backwards. In this way, in the past, some veterans cheaters with GodMode have literally driven into madness.

But the small trouser pockets eddy storm can not only be used for the attack, but also as a true life saver turn out , as a new reddit clip proves:

Teen accidentally shoots himself while on Instagram; Mother reacts
In the short video to see is Reddit User Aqualungerr, who approaches a cliff with a cliff drawn pressure wave weapon on Mount Chiliad. Suddenly his character stumbles and threatens to break down the finish. Probably accidentally presses aqualungerr again once again the deduction of his weapon, when his fate seems already sealed and solves a pressure shaft, which catapults him away from the cliff edge and in the air .

But instead of falling to spoils again, suddenly an animation is triggered, which shows him that he can use his parachute . In contrast, he dissolves this and then sails in peace to the ground. Without the use of the small weapon, he would probably have fallen into his spoil.

_GTA 5 was not perfect. These puncture would have to change rock star in GTA 6 to make a real masterpiece from the game: _

GTA community celebrates the clip

The post office has now accumulated more than 14,200 likes and 130 comments . Most players can not believe how much luck had aqualungerrather and congratulate him to this little feat.

“Okay. OK. OK. That was crass. ???? “- Reddit users Neroskills

_So would be even better GTA online: _

Some players, on the other hand, are surprised that you can fire his weapon at all when the game character is exactly . In fact, however, the feature has already been part of the games since GTA 4. In its predecessor, even larger weapons such as assault rifles, shotguns and co, which must be kept with two hands, are fired during the fall – in GTA Online, however, this only works with one-hand firearms.

We are curious which new features GTA 6 will offer. Rockstar has already confirmed that the game is in development. When it appears, however, is still open.

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