How to get a technique in the arms race in Call Of Duty: Vanguard

In the “Arms Race 12” in Call of Duty: Vanguard are presented three different cars, namely Sherman Tank , CD12 Transport as well as Motorcycle GC 620 . You can purchase these vehicles at the shopping station, which is located in the central yard of all bases. This is how to get every car in the game mode “Arms Race” in the Multiplayer game “Avangard”.

how to get a tank in the avant-garde

Tank “Sherman” – the most expensive car in the “Arms Race”, which players can buy for 1,200 dollars in cash . It is also the most powerful weapon in game mode thanks to the built-in cannon. You can shoot discontinuous projectiles to destroy enemies to direct hit and destroy the entrance gate on enemy bases.

The tank has the highest health band from all vehicles, but it is not as fast as others. The best way to destroy the single car is to use deadly equipment, launchers and a series of killings.

how to get a jeep in the avant-garde

The CD12 transport car can be purchased at a friendly shopping station for everything 100 dollars in cash . This vehicle can accommodate up to four players, and it is best to use it for transportation. You can also blow up a jeep at the gate of the enemy base to get immediate access inside.

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how to get a motorcycle in Vanguard

Any player can get Motorcycle GC 620 Since it is not worth any money. This is the fastest vehicle in the “Arms Racing”, which allows two players to quickly overcome long distances. However, this agility is achieved due to lower health and excessive exposure to enemies.

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