“Pokemon GO” Community Day Holding time will be announced when the time of holding time is “3 hours”. Whether the decision is valid


Niantic announced on Community Day, a game event in the game “ Pokemon GO ” on March 23. While the annual event every month, this announcement has spread the ripples in this work community. The cause is the event of the event.

“Pokemon GO” is a position information game that Nintendo and Niantic will work. In this work, there is a community day where a large number of specific Pokemon occurs at the weekend once a month. In the event, the rare color difference between Pokemon featured is easy to get, and there is also an element such as remembering a special technique when the corresponding Pokemon evolves for a while after the event starts. In addition, various bonuses such as XP increase at the time of Pokemon capture are also applied. For this player, it is an event that you want to participate by all means.

And the other day, the contents and date and time of the community day of April from the official site of this work were announced. The featured Hajime Big Pokemon “Nuikogma”. The dating is scheduled to be 3 hours from 14:00 to 17:17 on April 23rd. However, the holding time with the three hours has spread the waves to the community. That’s because Community Day was conventional for about 2 years, doubled 6 hours.

Community Day was originally basically held for 3 hours. It is seen from April 25, 2020 that held for 6 hours. The community day of the same day was implemented in a concept that supports the so-called stay home efforts on the epidemic of new coronavirus infections, with a subtitle of “play station home”. Conventionally, it would have been two times that of the holding time, which was 3 hours. At that time, although it was temporarily changed, it was recently held for six hours.

There is also such a background, and 6 hours were held in the player. But now it was announced again that the community day’s holding time will be returned to 3 hours. In the presentation by the official site, this time 3 hours this time is an investigative attempt.

One of the reasons to be restored is that a positive response was obtained from users in “Community Day (Reprinting)” held in January. The event is a special project to reprint the former community day, and it was an exceptional three hours. The feature was “Fushigidane”, and it was possible to learn a strong technique “hard plant” with limited events. Also, during the 6-hour holding time of Community Day, the user who participated in events over 3 hours has remained 5% of the entire participant. Based on such background, it seems that the decision time was tested for three hours.

However, the regression to the 3-hour schedule has called the discussion among domestic and foreign players who were used to a long 6 hour schedule. “Pokemon GO” Japanese official Twitter account announcement tweets have a user opinion that it can not participate by shortening the holding time, such as “there are also players that can not participate in the convenient of work”. Certainly, in this schedule from 14:00 to 17:00, the players such as “12 o’clock work break” will only give up participation.

In addition, the voice of the same criticism tends to be noticeable even with the echoing of the English official tweets of this work. “The user has been playing between life between life and has been a long time between life,” for a long time “for a long time”. There is also an opinion to point out. “Pokemon GO” is also a type of work parallel to your daily life as a position information game, and there are rare players with anything on community day. In order to view such circumstances, it is only a short circuit that simply see the percentage of long-term players and shortens the holding time.

On the other hand, as an opinional opinion, the streamer’s Fleeceking is saying “Personally 3 hours tired hours and tired”. Some Heavy Users seem to work as a good limitation of holding time. However, the same thing also indicates the view that the user is easily ensured by the user and many play times are easy to secure a lot of play time.

In addition, it is found that the background of the “specification return” is also seen on the background criticized to shortening community daytime. In this work, we previously shown a policy that returned the specifications that has received the new coronavirus infection expansion. In that case, Niantic changes the accessible distance from the Poke Top / Gym to 40 meters to 80 meters. When I tried to return to 40 meters later, it is a background withdrawn with a criticism from the user (related articles). The 6-hour schedule for community day is the specification set as an infection expansion countermeasure. Subsequently, the attitude to return such specifications will also be one of the factors that can not invite the repulsion.

If the holding time is shortened to 3 hours, the increase in the number of simultaneous connection players may indicate a certain effect. However, the holding time is also a sword of all edges to take away the freedom of the user who can participate in the convenient time. Niantic indicates some correspondence in response to many criticisms sent to this decision?

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