Gravity Neoshan, Puzzle & Dragon Limited Special Rare Egg Cancellation Series

We have developed on the online entertainment of online entertainment and announced that Gravity Neosians are in service, which is the service of ‘Puzzle & Dragon’ in the “Puzzle & Dragon”, which is a special rare rail Egg ‘cyclization.

Rare Egg Machine 10 Times! 6 GOLDEN RARE EGGS In A Row! - 50 Magic Stones - Puzzle And Dragons

This event is conducted on March 25th to 12:00 pm on March 25th to 11:59 am.

During the event period, a total of 11 patients with a total of 11 kinds of vocalization, including ‘Digital Cancel Primitation’ in Rare Egg ‘Cancelion Festival’, can obtain a monster contained in a series monster and lineup. Also, when you log in to the game during that period, ‘Memorial! Cancellation confirmed eggs’ can be obtained up to two times in the game.

In addition, a ‘colorful pallet’ appears. The colorful pallets can be assisted with 11 kinds of fantasy pictures using the ‘paints’, which can be exchanged at the monster exchange station. You can acquire one colorful palette on the first time in the event period and can be obtained from the game in the game and can be purchased from the monster purchase. In addition, the special dungeon ‘Painter Road’ and ‘Cancellation Rush!’ Can be obtained at clear time.

The ‘pigment’, which can be replaced by paints at the monster exchange, can acquire the monster in the Special Dungeon ‘Painters Road’. Cancellation Rush! ‘And 8 players [Daejeon] The compensation of the event dungeon can be obtained.

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