Elden Ring: Where to turn Godricks big rune

Everything you hear from the beginning ELDENRING is the speech of big rune carriers. They will quickly fight against their first rune beam called Godrick and as soon as they kill him, they get Godrick’s Great Rune. They would assume that this is the end, but they would be wrong. You have no advantages if you only have Godricks Rune with you, and the use of a rune arc does not work until you have equipped the Rune. However, you may notic that you can equip the Rune nowhere, and that’s because you need to activate it first. Let’s discuss how you can activate Godrick’s big rune in Elden Ring.

How to activate Godrick’s big rune in Elden Ring

You can not just equip Godrick’s Rune after you have received it in Elden Ring. You do not just have to activate Godrick’s big rune before you can use it, but the big rune of each boss needs to be activated. Even Malenia has a great rune that you need to activate after you have received you by defeating it. Fortunately, it is not too difficult to activate a big rune. It’s certainly easier than killing the boss from which you got it. All you have to do to activate a big rune is to bring you to the associated tower on the map and climb upwards.

You do not have to look too far from Stormleil Castle to find the tower you need to climb. All you have to do is take the eastern entrance from the castle. The easiest way to get to the eastern entrance is to return to the main entrance by Godrick’s Arena. Be careful because two lions guard the east entrance. If you do not want to risk to die to you, you can pass to you and use the nearby place of grace to reset them.

Elden Ring - Godrick's Great Rune - How to Restore at Divine Tower and Activate with Rune Arc

Now you just have to cross the bridge. What just like to sound, but the bridge is guarded by two colossal statues. You can rank back to you and use the gate at the end of the bridge to get to the tower. Be careful, because one of the statues uses a bow and tries to shoot it while running. After using the gate, you only need to take up the elevator in the tower and interact with the dead two fingers to restore the power of Godrick’s Rune that you can use for yourself.

The next time you use a place of grace, you should see an option to equip a large Rune. This allows you to equip Godricks Rune for use. You need to use a rune arc to activate the rune and gain your strength. The Rune increases all character statistics when it is active. If you need more help to Elden Ring, please read our other instructions.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

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