GTA announcement infuriates Rockstar Games fans

Rockstar Games fans are quite annoying by the GTA + subscription service recently announced for GTA online. The service is available exclusively for those who own the new Remasterization of PS5 and Xbox Series X of GTA online __ and give them access to a lot of monthly benefits. For $ 5.99 per month, GTA + members will get $ 500,000 in game money and access to new properties, vehicles and other items of the game. All these items are available to all, GTA + members get them at no additional cost. It is more a reinforcement package, which offers a shortcut for newer players or for those who do not want to fight for more expensive items.

However, many fans are furious by the advertisement. Rockstar Games has made many controversial movements during the last year. Between the failed launch of the GTA trilogy, the price of the new gta 5 Remaster and many other frustrating decisions, fans are losing patience with the developer. After the announcement of GTA +, the fans resorted to Twitter to express his anger with the new subscription service. Many noted that the game has been a great success for years, selling more than 160 million copies, and Rockstar is still trying to find ways to make people pay more money. Of course, GTA + is optional, but there is a concern about how it could be used in the future.

Some players are concerned that RockStar use GTA + to provide exclusive advance access to future updates or delete content completely. Rockstar has not done anything that suggests that he will end up doing this, but the developer has not yet talked too much about the long-term plan for service. That said, fans are increasingly angry with Rockstar and how he has used grand theft auto v over the past eight years. The developer has confirmed that he is working on the next game of Grand Theft Auto, but options like GTA + have some concerned that Rockstar’s golden age is fading.

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