GTA Online Add a paid monthly subscription on PS5

Like many of its live service peers – including strong and minecraft – the still popular GTA online gets an optional monthly subscription. Title Imaginively GTA +, the subscription – which will be exclusive to the new generation version of the game, including PlayStation 5 – will cost $ 5.99 a month and offer users a variety of benefits in the game.

The title here is 500,000 GTA $ each month, filed directly on your Maze Bank account. A Bull Shark card costs about $ 9.99 in real money, making it a potentially good purchase for those who regularly spend money into microtransactions. However, it should be recalled that until recently, Sony offered ** PS more * 1,000,000 GTA $ at no additional cost.

GTA + offers other benefits, including free cars, businesses, etc. The first batch of gifts includes exclusive anticipated access to the Defresh Eight principle and a * special Hao special work, as well as HSW Orange Trip and HSW CMYK GLITCH. You will also receive a free Automotive Workshop ** at the MESA, and if you already have a car shop elsewhere, you can move free.

Other goodies until April 27 include your Car meets LS fees being removed, and those of you who have already paid will have a discount. If you have a Galaxy Super Yacht, you can go to the Aquarius Super Yacht for free, while you will get the Gusset Frog T-shirt and the top and Broker Prolaps shorts automatically added to your wardrobe.

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Beyond that, you can expect the Conveyor deliveries for a variety of vehicles, a selection of free paintings to the Auto Shop and increased rewards in the Special Works and Street Race Race series. The last advantage is that all members who buy Shark Cards from PS will get bonus currency in the game added every time.

To be honest, this is the kind of thing we would expect that a parody GTA game, but the appeal of cold and ringing money is clearly too difficult to resist for Rockstar. And to be fair, it’s not the first title to add a paid subscription to his service game – in fact, we are surprised that it took so much time. Rewards will turn every month, and you can find out more here, with open memberships from March 29th.

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