GTA Online: How to get free The Ubermacht Sentinel XS car

The weekly bonuses of GTA Online have returned to the load and that has left us with the possibility of getting free a new vehicle. This time he has touched him at Übermatch Sentinel XS , a Cochazo that will be yours with successfully fulfilled the steps that we are going to detail in the following guide.

How to get free car Übermatch Sentinel XS


Only those who demonstrate a great dexterity at the wheel will be those who can choose to take the car that has been chosen this week. However, before this, it is necessary to comply with a prerequisite as it is to be a member of the LS Car Meet.

Then it will touch to go to the persecution races and do everything possible to stay among the first five posts on two occasions. In the case of achieving it, you will receive the keys of the Ubermatch Sentinel, which you can also have and raise it to the highest category if you take it to Hao’s Special Works.

Once you have done with such a prize, do not forget pass by the test track of the LS Car Meet. This is how you can pilot the Annis ZR350, the Karin Calico GTF and the Pfister Comet S2 without having to pay anything in return, in addition to taking advantage of all of them to be bid if at the end you choose to add them to your collection.

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