Yuji Horii receives the award for the trajectory in GDC

Yuji Horii , creator of Dragon Quest , has been awarded the award for the trajectory during the 22 issue of the Game Developers Conference . In this way, the legendary developer joins a group consisting of Hironobu Sakaguchi, Amy Hennig, Shigeru Miyamoto, and more creative minds that have become a pillar for this industry.

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This award for the trajectory recognizes the career and achievements of a developer, and celebrates how it has had an “indelible impact” in the art of the development of games and industry in general. During the speech of acceptance of him, Horii not only thanked him appreciated him, but revealed what the Dragon Quest series means for him. This was what he commented:

“One of the fantastic things of computers is its interactive nature. You just have to imagine what a player is going to do and then program the system to react. I really enjoyed that kind of systematic narrative. I also loved the role’s games like Wizardry and Last, where the game followed the rails established by the story. So I did my own version: Dragon Quest.

For me, Dragon Quest was like a manga, with history developing through short conversations. It was like a sleeve you could play on your computer. My team and I are currently working on the last delivery of the series, Dragon Quest XII, as well as in many other titles. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as you did with Dragon Quest Xi. Soon we will have more ads for you! “

Along with this, it was mentioned that Dragon Quest XII, the next great main delivery for the series, is still under development, and We will soon have more information related to this project . On related topics, we remind you that an HD-2D remake of Dragon Quest III is already under development. Similarly, Square Enix ensures that Dragon Quest XII will define the future of the series.

Editor’s note:

Yuji Horii is more than worthy of this recognition. Dragon Quest is one of the most important RPG series throughout the industry. If it were not for the work of this developer and his team, it is likely that this genre would be very, very different. The only sad thing is that this year there was not a video of mega64 to celebrate this award.

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