Bootleg club penguin closed on explicit messages

The unofficial service, known as Club Penguin Online, worked instead of the real thing for years. All this has changed when Disney intervened and closed the site, following a worrying tendency of non-censored sex messages. It turns out that replacement servers were not monitored as closely as those of origin.

Club Penguin: How fans turned Disney’s children’s game toxic - BBC News

There were several clones running, although Club Penguin Online was the largest of them. The more rider attitude adopted by the mods meant that previously censored activities had the freedom to reign. One of these activities ended up being the solicitation of naked pictures of minor players. So yes, Disney closed this shit with extreme prejudices.

A BBC report revealed that “swear, homophobic insults, anti-Semitism and racist messages” were all publicly authorized. They also discovered that the mods did not regulate this racist content. Finally, it was determined that the players engaged in the “Penguin e-sex”, consisting mainly of illicit messages between the players. Another thing that old rules prohibit was the sharing of personal information. Needless to say, players distributed the details of the account for Snapchat, Instagram and Discord. Do players also led DDOS attacks? The place was more or less transformed into a fridge without law designed mainly for children. You can read the full report of the BBC here, it continues again and again. Be careful that your children do online is the lesson here.

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