DAV newly introduces coaching team: with Filzwieser and Schnabel direction Olympia 2024

At the Olympic Games 2021 in Tokyo, the German sport climbers Alex Megos and Jan Hojer had hoped for a medal, the two missed the finale of the best eight just scarce. Shortly after the Olympic premiere, National coach Urs Stöcker said reasonably surprisingly surprising from his post – the Swiss moved to his home federation and now trains the top climbers of the Confedes. For the DAV, this step meant: new thinking, restructuring and re-occupy personally.

For the first time a coach for the “little” combined format

The new Combined rating from Lead and Bouldering also found a special consideration, after all, this format is at the next Olympics 2024 in Paris for the sports climbers next to Speed ​​the second discipline in which a medal set is awarded. As a reminder: At the Olympic Premiere 2021 in Tokyo, there was only one medal set for the women and men in the “big” combined rating from all three disciplines Speed, Bouldering and Lead.

Feltzwieser follows on colleague

The DAV occupies the position of the combined national coach with Ingo Filzwieser. The Austrian already belongs to the coach team of the German sports climbing elite, coach the DAV top athletes together with Stöcker at the Olympic base in Munich and had previously trained the Austrian offspring and the top forces of the Alpine Republic in the boulderer.

Newcomer Schnabel wants to bring Speedkletterer to Paris

Quasi a newcomer has fished the DAV for the Speed ​​area. Peter Schnabel was still in the athletics at home until the summer of 2021. More specifically: The former long jumper worked for the Landesverband North Rhine-Westphalia as a jump coach and in this function in Stöckers Fokus. Since the speed climbing in contrast to the bouldering and lead requires a lot of explosive power, however, the trade change was not so absorbent, as that may initially listen.

“That’s my goal. Point.”

Speed ​​climbing enjoys a tradition in Germany as well. “We are at the beginning of an exciting process,” said beak on the DAV website, but great goals are still to formulate. An athlete or a athlete wants to get a beak to the start at the Olympic Games in Paris. “That’s my goal. Point. Out.”

No question: An ambitious goal, if no impossible. The German record has been holding since May 3, 2021 Leander Carmann, who stayed with 5.976 seconds for the 15-meter-high wall as the first German Speedkletterer under the 6-second brand. The world elite approaches the 5-second brand, where the world record is 5.208 seconds, situated by the Indonesian Veddriq Leonardo on May 28th 2021. The ladies lies the German record of Franziska Knitter at 8.162 seconds (June 5, 2021 ), The world record has the Polin Aleksandra Miroslaw with 6.840 seconds (August 6, 2021).

Support of longtime coaches

Filzwieser and Schnabel are supported by the longtime national coach Maxi Klaus, who has been working for DAV in this position since 2014 and now looks after lead. Sagi Stelli supported in the area of ​​bouldering, Johannes Lau is working in the juncess and will try to bring the next climbing generation to the top sport with the experienced trainer Friederike Kops.

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